Quote of the day—Barbara Scott

I want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Entropy sucks.

Barbara Scott
November 9, 2011
[This was after she asked me, “Why do things always have to happen?” This was in regards to some potential changes in her job that were going to require extra work on her part to at least adapt and has the potential to put pressure on us to sell our house in Idaho.

I explained that one of the laws of physics is that things always go to a more lower energy, more random, state and that energy input is required to maintain things in a high energy ordered state. This law of physics applies to life in general and not just physics.

She did not dispute my answer but she wasn’t pleased with it either.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barbara Scott

  1. Or, as I’ve heard it put:
    You can’t win, you can’t cheat, and you *have* to play the game.

  2. Thermodynamics is a bitch!
    Delta G = Delta H – T Delta S (for all you chemistry nerds)

    Meanwhile, I live my life in full appreciation that p (momentum) = m (mass) * v (velocity).
    From the opposite extremes, fast light bullets and slow heavy vehicles can both kill you.

  3. Springs, both mechanical and metaphysical, when applied judiciously along the way, can help you bounce back from life’s little hard knocks.

    And all in all, the life you live sure beats the alternative to living.

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