They ‘Looked the Other Way’

That’s the reporting in the Old Media of the Fast & Furious (or Gun Walker) program against the second amendment, even now.  FBI and F-Troop “Looked the other way” as guns were being sold to gangs…

Wow.  They “Looked the other way” in the same sense that Al Capone “looked the other way” while prostitution, gambling, rum-running and violence were taking place in Chicago, and as Ted Bundy “looked the other way” while serial murder was taking place.

It’s a sort of out-of-body experience I guess, as one’s conscience “looks the other way” while one is engaged in criminal activity.  Maybe they’re posturing for an insanity defense.

Now I’ve been thinking; if the intent was to “track” criminals, why didn’t they give them GPS-equipped cell phones, or rigged car stereos or LoJack rigged cars, etc., etc., instead of guns?  Hmm?  They didn’t because that wasn’t the intent.

For that matter, if the intent were peace and prosperity, there wouldn’t be this war on drugs that created the narco-gangs in the first place.  The Al Capone reference above was not chosen randomly– he was “made” by Prohibition, first and foremost.  Before that he was a petty nobody.


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  1. The defense argument is forming around the nucleus of “they looked the other way” because what’s going to happen is the hammer will fall on lower level managers and the rank and file who had no power to alter policy, giving a pass to all those GS 17 and higher.
    More moral bankruptcy, but it was for a good cause so who can fault them for bad means? >:|

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