Quote of the day—Pam Neely

I am a very strong supporter of the second amendment, but there must be some common sense applied here. I can think of nothing worse than people attending an athletic event, living in a dorm, or sitting beside someone in a science class with a firearm strapped to their side or worse, concealed on their person.

Pam Neely
Prosecuting Attorney Berkeley County
County Prosecutor Wants Gun Law
October 25, 2011
[Really? Ms. Neely is smart enough to get through law school and get a job as a Prosecuting Attorney yet she “can think of nothing worse” that someone exercising a specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms? Has she never heard of the Virginia Tech massacre? That is something far worse that happens when people are forbidden from defending themselves.

And simultaneously she claims she is “a very strong supporter of the second amendment”?

Either Neely has crap for brains or she thinks we do.—Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Pam Neely

  1. So, to be consistent (Yeah, a consistent leftist? Down the hall, next to the Unicorns and Dragons) she should also be as uncomfortable in court when the Marshall is sitting armed, or the cops that are about to testify are also sitting, armed. Oh, that’s right, they’ve been anointed with the Magic Pixie Dust of Governmental Power and Responsibility, so there’s no worries. She slept through every history class she ever had, starting in Fifth Grade American History.

  2. I can think of something worse. Getting shot down like a dog because you followed a stupid rule imposed by uninformed bigots. That’s worse.

  3. Oh, and as for “I am a very strong supporter of the second amendment”, I question exactly what she means by “support” and by “second amendment”. I would bet real money that she would not want that kind of support from an ex-husband if she were expecting child support from him.

  4. I had a personal experience with a “strong supporter of the second amendment” once. It wzs a cop who pulled me over for having studded tires after the proscribed date. He asked if I had any firearms in the pickup. After I finished listing off all the guns I could think of including the one on my hip for which, as I told him, I had a permit, he said, “OK– I’ll be right back” without asking to see my permit.

    He called for backup.

    What seemed like 20 minutes later I had two cops, one on each side of my truck with their hands on their guns, do the “fellon approach” to my truck so Cop #1 could give me my ticket.

    As he left he told me he “supported the second amendment”. That kind of “support” I can live the rest of my life without.

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