Son James got married yesterday

As those who follow my Tweets already know our son James married Kelsey yesterday. Here is the collection of Tweets associated with the event:

Some highlights from others are also worth noting. I took hundreds of pictures and will get some of those up in a few days.

Barb and I are very pleased with James choice in a mate and with the wedding. It was unique and relatively low stress for us. Kim and Xenia’s weddings reflected their personalities and were very nice. James wedding revealed things about Kelsey and her family that were somewhat of a surprised to us.

During the garter flinging exercise as the bride did a bump and grind around the chair James was sitting on the D.J. commented this was the first time he had ever seen the groom sitting and the bride standing, “Where is that garter anyway?” And, “This is like a combination wedding and bachelor party.”

Sister-in-law Nancy commented, “Who would have ever guessed that James would have the wildest wedding of your three kids.” The answer to that is, “No one, ever, ever, EVER would have guessed that.”

As the reception dancing was going full blast I walked over to my brother Doug who was off by himself at the edge of the room and said, “It’s a lot different than any Huffman party, isn’t it?” He replied with, “I was just having similar thoughts myself.”


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