Where Has This Newt Been All Our Lives?

I’d commented just this morning that I’d seen more than enough of Newt.  Then this was sent to me by a relative of a relative;

Not too shabby for a Republican.  The problem for Newt though is that we know Newt.  He has a history.  I can only assume that this was a trial balloon for him– to see how this sort of thing sells in the marketplace (in the minds of people like him) in which the industry of political rhetoric sells its wares.  He’s a craftsman in the art.  I still think the world is better off with Newt as a history teacher.

“Isolate and crush the secular socialist left” he says.  The only reference to liberty he makes is to religious liberty.  OK, what about the religious socialist left?  Why bring in the “secular” bit when you could just say “crush the socialists”?  He still talks about “running” the country too.  That bugs me– Raise your hand if you want to be run by someone in Washington.  See?  Didn’t think so.


10 thoughts on “Where Has This Newt Been All Our Lives?

  1. He speaks well, but we do have a record of his service, and self-service. Read his books, listen to him speak and then chose a better representative and leaders. But most of us don’t need leaders, do we? Need civil servants, to do the work we don’t want to do.

  2. Leonard, as is every last politician who ever took office. In other news, fire burns, water is wet, and politicians prevaricate.
    I’m with Joe here. Newt is a policy wonk and we benefit from his talents when he is an author and a college professor rather than when he holds elected office.

  3. Newt needs to be hounded, every time he shows his face in public, over his support for the Lautenberg Amendment. Actually, “support” is putting it mildly; he bullied the Congress into passing it without letting members know what they were voting for. We need to demand an apology from him, as well as an apology from both political parties for their support of the Clinton regime’s antigun pogrom.

  4. The more I think about this video, the more disturbing I find it. I don’t think Newt has a lick of respect for the people to whom he’s selling his words and catch-phrases. He appears to think his audience is a bunch of simple-minded, stupid Elmer Fudd types– God, Guts and Guns, in the Dana Carvey Church Lady stereotype sense.

    If he actually meant “crush the socialist left” he’d have been a completely different kind of politician all along. I take back the title of the post. It should have been, “More of the Same Old Newt”. I saw a different version of the same video. The one imbedded has a very long applause section edited out of it, in which Newt winks at someone and gives a little smile as if to say, “Look at how I have these stupid shits in the palm of my hand…”

  5. I expect politicians to pander, but I also expect them to do their homework so that they’ll know just whom they’re pandering to. The heart and soul of the modern gun rights movement are not Larry the Cable Guy types. If anything, the most politically active 2A supporters are engineers and related nerds. If GOP pols really want the loyalty of gun owners, they need to do more than spout the standard Dem pander about supporting hunters and sportsmen, with a throwaway line about self defense thrown in. Instead, they need to acknowledge the importance of the gun rights movement as a victory for ALL Americans, and also acknowledge that that movement would never have been necessary in the first had the government acted decently toward the citizens.

  6. Ken; You’re absolutely right, and I like to extend that idea to liberty in general. Newt mentioned religious liberty, but he apparently can’t make the leap to simply “liberty” (with no qualifier). There aren’t different “liberties”, like religious liberty or gun liberty, but only liberty in the singular sense. Republicans have a long to go in that regard.

  7. I have no qualms with Mr. Gingrich holding very high office in the Executive branch of the Federal government; his pivotal role in passing welfare reform is enough to earn him such a place. That being said, I have yet to be convinced that said very high office should be the Oval Office. Mr. Gingrich as HHS Secretary would be a very good fit….

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