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If Alexa can be believed The Brady Campaign web site has a traffic rank of about 1.1 million. This compares to Say Uncle with a traffic rank of about 283,000.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence comes in almost dead even with the Violence Policy Center web site with ranks of almost 2.9 million.

Even my obscure blog nearly has the traffic of the Brady Campaign with a traffic rank of 1.24 million.

When I, blogging a few hours a week while working a full time job, can generate almost as much traffic as a the Brady Campaign with a full time staff and millions of dollars of income you have to know the general public just isn’t interested in their messages.

Give it up guys. You lost, we won. It’s time to change your names and rejoin civilized society.


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  1. Joe,

    Interesting and encouraging message, only a couple of items are missing from your analysis which are pertinent. There may not be much traffic, but who’s doing the reading and how much power and influence do they have. If they have virtual dictatorial powers, or the force of men and firearms that changes the interpretation.


  2. So the readers of anti-gun blogs are just about equal in numbers to the readers of pro-gun blogs.

    I propose a hypothesis: The readers are the same group of people, consisting almost exclusively of pro-gun readers.

    Test of hypothesis: The commenters at, say, Joan Peterson’s blog http://www.commongunsense.com consist of ~99% pro-gun folks.

    Further test of hypothesis: Most anti-gun websites do not allow comments, because they are overwhelmed with pro-gun comments.

    There appear to be few anti-gun commenters. Thus there are likely few anti-gun readers. QED

    Any questions?

  3. Every time I go to a gun forum, some one posts, “Look what the Brady Bunch are saying now”, of course then everyone on the PRO group goes and has a look at the ANTI group, bumping up the ANTI’s site rating. I simply post “don’t visit their site, it bumps their rating”, of course, no one listens…

  4. Gun control is a political issue. I don’t know of any single political issue websites that get high readership, do you?

  5. @Dale, Of course. But you don’t need to remind the anti-gun people of this. I want them to read the numbers and weep.

    @mikee, Actually the number that visit anti-gun websites is much smaller than pro-gun. My blog is low traffic compared to some pro-gun blogs such as Say Uncle. And there are a great many more pro-gun websites than anti-gun websites. So even before you take into account the pro-gun people that visit anti-gun sites they are losing big time.

    No question.

    @ubu52, My blog is mostly about a single political issue. All I’m saying is that more people visit pro-gun websites than anti-gun websites. Hence their message is of less interest to people on the Internet.

  6. “My blog is mostly about a single political issue.”

    You’re joking, right? I think a fairer comparison to Brady is saf.org.

  7. Bwahah! I have a “Global Rank” of 957,439 – higher than all of the anti-rights organizations you mention. Though, that is strange – I am willing to bet you get more traffic than I do.

    In any case, ditto – if my sorry scribblings can attract more international attention than their “gun control” extremism, they are assuredly done and over with.

  8. @ubu52, SAF is at 947,200. And no. I was not joking.

    I would think if you want to only talk about strictly political the fairer comparison is NRAILA.org which is at 94,912. This is “more fair” because NRA ILA is the largest gun rights political organization and the Brady Campaign is the largest anti-gun rights political organization.

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