Brady Campaign acting President Dennis Henigan says (YouTube video with only 311 views and the comments disabled) the Brady Campaign has a vision of American safe and secure with firearms prohibited from most public places.

It’s nice to have dreams Dennis but it’s just a dream. You long for something that never was and can never be. You might also have visions of American with unicorns, pixie dust, and manna falling from the sky but rational people do not share your delusions.

When self defense is prohibited safety and security are beyond reach.


3 thoughts on “Visions

  1. I have dreams as well and none of them use a sterile dead background. I think he needs to see a shrink.

  2. Y’all just aren’t reading it right. You think they’ve gone off the deep end, that they’re severely brain-damaged, but “…safe and secure for criminals and socialists” is what it means, and it makes perfect sense if your dream involves crushing the life and liberty out of American society.

    You can call them crazy for wanting the destruction of liberty, but they’re not crazy in advocating gun restrictions if you understand their goal. The fact that they lie about their intentions is to be taken for granted.

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