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The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is concerned about states’ rights:

“National concealed carry reciprocity legislation is a terrible idea for public safety and a huge affront to states’ rights,” said CSGV Executive Director Josh Horwitz.

I guess that means we can count on their support for The Firearms Freedom Act, states that wish to ban abortion, and even the reinstituting of slavery should some state desire it.

What these people don’t understand (or more likely just don’t want to acknowledge) is that states’ rights/powers only extend as far as the people rights. There are certain individual rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution that no state, county, or city may infringe upon. The right to keep and bear arms is one of those rights.


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  1. States’ Rights! Suddenly, now that the gun control groups are losing at the national level they want to fragment the fight into 50 different pieces. In the past, each State’s right to legislate for itself (or not) the restrictions they proposed for the national level was a bad thing equated with slavery, whose proponents were the most notable proponents of States’ Rights. Hypocrisy is not too harsh a word here.

    Besides, States’ Rights as it was pushed by the slaveholding states worked only one way. The Southern States were to have laws with effects in other states that protected their slaveholding interests, while the free states were denied their right to legislate state issues of liberty within their borders. Once again, States’ Rights is a doctrine never intended by its proponents to work as a right available to all. If they were truly interested in States Rights they would be Federalists, and would have never proposed these unconstitutional laws in the first place.

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