You contribute nothing

Just so you know what they think of civil rights advocates:

Decisions about campus safety should be made by administrators, faculty, and students, not by extremists . . . who contribute nothing to the academic community in the commonwealth,” Andrew Goddard, president of the Virginia Center for Public Safety

I’ll bet there were people who claimed similar things about the presence of blacks on campuses a few decades ago.

There is a rally tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1) at the Old Dominion University’s campus:

A gun rights group that plans a rally this week on Old Dominion University’s campus will have some unwanted company when it gathers Tuesday on Kaufman Mall to push for less restrictive weapons policies.

The group will be confronted by gun control advocates who today said they’ve organized a counterdemonstration at ODU to oppose those who believe concealed permit holders should be allowed to bring firearms into campus buildings.

Both groups will descend on campus Tuesday afternoon to respectively lobby for and against a campus gun policy update proposed by ODU that would ban permit holders from bringing guns into school facilities.

It would play well for our side if, as is usual, the pro-gun side outnumbers the anti-gun side by 10 or 1000 to 1. Just who the “extremists” are should be more apparent by this time tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “You contribute nothing

  1. How about the check writing, debt absorbing parent, Mr. Goddard? I pay the freight for all of them; The student, the administration and the faculty.
    I want my say on how to keep my family safe. My son wouldn’t hide under a desk, sir.

  2. Mr. Goddard, this extremist is currently in medical school and will soon be in a position to contribute to academia and his community much more than your silly talking points about public safety, all of which has already been disproved over the years as people realize your appeals to peace are nothing more than monstrous lies.

    Your ignorance is showing and it is frankly pathetic.

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