Quote of the day–pete x tp

The main hindrance to rational regulation of firearms is almost entirely driven by frightened idiots who, apparently, know deep in their hearts that they wouldn’t meet the standard.

pete x tp
Comment to The Media’s Narrow Definition Of “Gun Control”
October 26, 2011
[Either this “Einstein” has never heard of the 2nd Amendment or doesn’t consider the Bill of Rights an obstacle to his agenda.

H/T to Sebastian.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–pete x tp

  1. If Pete Times Toilet Paper really thinks gun owners are frightened idiots, he should go to the nearest working class bar and loudly express that view. After all, David Brock has told him that we’re only a tiny minority, so he should get a standing ovation, right? And of course, gun owners being frightened little cowards like he says, I’m sure none of them would bounce his head off the rim of the pool table while he cries for his mommy.

  2. That quote is a reiteration of “If you have nothing to hide, you won’t oppose this (warrantless search & seizure, etc.)”

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