Quote of the day—Ken Lewenza

The introduction of Bill C-19 today in the House of Commons, and its possible coming into force, will set Canada’s gun control efforts back decades.

Ken Lewenza
Canadian Auto Workers National President
October 25, 2011
Harper’s Gun Bill Sets Canada Back Decades, CAW says
[I find that hard to believe since the act being repealed was passed in 1995. But it does set them back a good bit. Now if they can just be pushed into extinction.

And why is the Canadian Auto Workers getting into a debate about gun control?

Which cars sold in the U.S. are made in Canada? I want to make sure I don’t buy any.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ken Lewenza

  1. Toyota Corolla being the most notable. Made in Cambridge, Ontario just north of my hometown. Encountered one with a “Made in Canada” sticker at an Annapolis area dealership.

  2. Many Acuras are made there; my Civic Si was also made there (due to the Acura 2.0L it has), but I don’t know if Honda uses union labor.

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