Obama to instigate a revolution

Someone has their tin-foil hat on way too tight:

The Obama regime is preparing to instigate a revolution for the purpose of their being able to hold on to power and complete the enslavement of the American people.

According to this report the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that began in New York City nearly a month ago have now spread to at least 25 other US cities and show no sign of abating any time soon.

From what I have seen in Seattle there isn’t that much going on and what is going on isn’t the material of a revolution.


5 thoughts on “Obama to instigate a revolution

  1. It was a mistake for the Occupiers to not have a pre-planned end date, as the Tea Parties did. By setting a revolutionary goal, they set themselves up to look foolish as the movement dwindles.

    Of course, setting revolutionary goals is fully in keeping with their fantasist tendencies.

  2. Second that! The Flea Party scruffians in camped illegally in parks in Portland doesn’t even know how to dump their shit-buckets, they just leave them full, sitting around, waiting for someone in camp to stumble over them with the usual results. Claiming to be “leaderless” (they’re not, but that is a tactic that worked for Earth First! and the Earth/Animal Liberation Front), they have to have a “General Assembly” to decide anything, and the harangues at those meetings run for hours on the most trivial of subjects.

    It’s all on record here: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2011/10/in_downtown_portland_a_day_in.html

    Yep, the scruffians hardly manage to fill the definition of a rabble…let alone a future revolutionary force.

  3. Yup. The OWS crowd is extremely small, astonishingly ignorant, inept and dysfunctional. That they are the products of our public education system is highlighted by the fact that some college professors are giving them class credit for attending the protests.

    It is a bit instructive to learn what it is they’re saying though, along with the fact that so many in government and media are praising them. They would love a revolution, they’re screaming for it, but they simply don’t matter.

  4. Of course, the POTUS recently threw out some supportive comments for their cause(s) because they are kindred spirits. Too bad this rabble could not mangage to get out of a big wet paper bag even if armed with a chainsaw, a map, and a tactical flashlight. They are to be pitied.

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