Good Point

About Pres. Reagan.  I recall that he added an extra 5 cents tax per gallon on our fuel, ostensibly to repair the failing highway system, because the gazillions they were already collecting and wasting weren’t enough.  Reagan then held that extra tax money over the state of Idaho’s head, saying we had to change our drinking age from 19 to 21 or we wouldn’t see any of the money they were taking from us.  Idaho caved.

That radically changed the economies of all Idaho border towns.

No one seems to have learned anything from that– when our drinking age was lower and our sales tax far lower than bordering states, we got tons of business from those states.  We don’t have that so much anymore, so now our idiot Republican Governor has his thooper thpecial “Hire One” program– you’re supposed to call the state apparatchik and see if your business qualifies to be part of a state government jobs program.  Oh goody.  To call him a fool is being generous.  Right– I want to put my capital at risk, create new products, bring them to market and worry my ass off the whole time while getting robbed by this mutherfucker, so he can take credit for my work.  I think I’d rather die.

Kind of like our country as a whole.  Some educated kid from Germany was complaining to me recently about the “Fat Cats” sheltering their money in other countries (other than the United States, where he lives).  Those dirty bastards who won’t hold still and let us rob them…how dare they?  I asked him if our country shouldn’t be the place people from all over the planet come to secure their property rights.  That’s what we were supposed to be.  Remember?  He stood up and left, saying he didn’t want to get himself in trouble.  Good riddance.  I have that effect on a lot of people.


2 thoughts on “Good Point

  1. I wasn’t aware that Reagan signed such a law into being. We have made a grave error in assuming that our freedom has only been eaten away by Democrats. We should never forget that Republicans gave us Medicare and Medicaid, and the EPA, and it was a Republican idea to have employers take the income tax out of our paychecks.

    And the list of woes is much longer than this.

    I say we, but I should really say “I”; but then, I first became politically aware in the early 1990s (thanks to my Dad, and to Rush Limbaugh, and a random coincidence), so perhaps I could be forgiven for being so naive.

    And I’m probably still a little too naive for my own good!

  2. Bush 43 worked closely with Ted Kennedy, gave us the free prescription drug program, No Child Left Behind, The DHS, the Patriot Act, the TSA and TARP One. That’s just off the top of my head. It would take a lot of probing, fighting resistance along the way, to find the whole pile of shit that one man added to the steaming compost heap.

    You think you feel bad– I used to be a leftist hippie. A lot of people have fallen for the Good-Cop, Bad-Cop ruse too. Don’t blame yourself. Blame the liars and the cowards that led us to this sorry state. Then try to learn what you can and spread the word. Understand that you can never fully delegate the protection of your rights to someone else– least of all a gawdamned political party.

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