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As part of Ry’s quest to hold a world record we need a name for a game. The rules for the game haven’t been finalized but it will probably be something like Steel Challenge only using one time use reactive targets (Boomerite). You are timed as you shoot the five to ten targets (not sure yet) and the fastest time wins.

We have tentative plans to use this game as a fundraiser for pro-gun (duh!) political lobbying groups at “Legislative Shoots”. The first official event is tentatively planned for January or February of 2012 but I expect we will be doing some dry runs prior to that to work out the bugs and give Ry his chance at a world record. This will also give us a chance to make videos and put together promotional material.

I expect the range will be something on the order of 15 to 20 yards and there will be very few different courses of fire. Perhaps even just one course of fire. There will be no direct “power factor” requirements. If the boomers don’t go off then you didn’t bring enough gun. This typically means participants will use a centerfire rifle but with the right ammo and caliber some centerfire pistols and rimfire rifles may work.

I expect we will have the following classes of firearms:

  • Open (Anything that is safe)
  • Full Auto (Same as limited except full auto and burst are allowed)
  • Limited (No glass or other special optics and no full auto or burst)
  • Lever Action (Must be a lever action rifle)
  • Bolt action (Must be a bolt action rifle)
  • Shotgun (Maybe. Some magnum buckshot and/or slug loads might have sufficient velocity to detonate the targets)

Here are the candidates so far:

  • Bowling for Boomers (Barron)
  • Steel Yourself! (Barb)
  • Boomer Challenge (me)
  • Zoom Boom (me)
  • Speed Boomers (me)

What are your suggestions for a name? The prize will be the fame and fortune (one free entry into the next Zoom Boom event you participate in). The winner will be chosen by the political lobbyist who schedules the first event.

As a side note I have to wonder at the participation level of an event like this versus the events the Brady Campaign put on where they try to find people to lay on the ground and pretend to be dead for a few minutes.


13 thoughts on “Game name

  1. Oh no. I just had a vision of Smoke ‘n Hope with Boomers in place of the steel plates.

    I don’t see Boomer Mania or Boomer Rama being suggested yet. Thunder Run?

  2. Entertainly Close Encounters

    I bumped into Rolf today. If this gets picked, he wins.

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