Sunnyvale gets it right

Bigoted members of the public in Sunnyvale California wanted “special attention” given to “Stand-alone Firearm Sales Businesses”. Sporting goods stores that happen to sell guns were okay but if a store was primarily a gun shop they had a problem with it. Something about children walking by it caused them to think for themselves and put the harmony of the collective at risk or something. I have to wonder if they had the same sort of problem with kids walking by a bookstore.

In any case after some “encouragement” from Michel & Associates on Tuesday the city council stood up to the bigots on the issue.


2 thoughts on “Sunnyvale gets it right

  1. Hmmm… I like that last bit.

    “The new area of Second Amendment civil rights jurisprudence is evolving rapidly. The law, and not mere ideology, supports our positions. The SCC would be wise to refrain from adopting this proposed ordinance while this new field of law develops through litigation in other jurisdictions.”

    A very polite way to make their point very clear.

  2. Call me cynical, but did they stand up to the bigots, or did they back down in the face of lawyers? I would hope for the former, but we all know about hoping ( or wishing ) in one hand and crapping in the other.

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