Quote of the day—dogbreath

I think you are giving them far too much credit – their generally not well endowed with either a brain or a p…Glock. But there is an assload of money involved. Absolutely.

September 27, 2011
Comment to NRA’s “Single Issue” Is Obama, Not Guns
[Nice! Dogbreath invokes Markley’s Law, says we have small brains while saying “their” instead of “they’re”, and attributes the motivation to protect a specific enumerated right to making money all in just two sentences. That is impressive.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—dogbreath

  1. This one’s got it all. I mean, let’s not overlook his cute little “almost” reference to genetalia. Which makes me wonder: why are the antis so infatuated with my d**k?

  2. I’ve wondered about that myself, Eric. You have to wonder if they’re typing with one hand while they’re writing that stuff.

  3. It’s not that they’re infatuated with your dicks. It’s that they’re part of a kinship that maintains itself partly through disparaging and denigrating other people. It’s a method such groups use to establish and create social status internally — the “better” the put-downs, ranting, and so on that you provide, the more status you have.

    And, of course, I’m sure you fine young men had much better reasons than that for imitating their behavior, and weren’t doing pretty much that very same thing yourselves.

    /ironic patriarchal mentoring

  4. I’m too lazy to look up the citation, but there was that US Supreme Court Decision from some 20+ years ago that found nude dancing in nudie bars was protected by the first amendment, but sitting in a private park with other nudists could be zoned out of existence by the county or other local government.
    Proof positive that the First Amendment is only about nude dancing.

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