As easy as access to drugs

As we have said for years and years laws restricting access to firearms can be no more effective than the laws that restrict access to recreational drugs. We now have a report that literally says that about California which, according to the Brady Campaign ranks as the top state in the nation with the “strongest gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of guns without background checks and reduce risks to children” (plagiarized from here):

Respondents pointed out that getting a gun is “as easy as access to drugs.” This climate of ready gun availability led a service provider to observe that “it seems harder for adults to get legal access to guns than for kids to get illegal access.” This surprising information regarding the ease of youth access to guns is supported by data from the 2007 California Healthy Kids Survey, in which 4.8 percent of San Mateo County 7th, 9th, and 11th graders reported having brought a gun to school, a rate similar to that for the Bay Area overall (5 percent).

Got that? It is harder for adults to legally exercise a specific enumerated right than it is for children to get illegal access.

What if it were more difficult to lawfully purchase a Bible than it was for kids to get a copy of Hustler magazine? Do you think the laws would change?

It’s time most firearm laws were repealed and politicians who defend them sent to prison.


2 thoughts on “As easy as access to drugs

  1. Since you probably aren’t the sort of person who would know, it is actually slightly easier to access hardcore porn than to get the Bible.

    Unsupervised internet access is the equivalent of access to a library full of Hustler magazines and worse.

    In contrast, I tried to find a free audiobook (or podcast) of Bible chapters to listen to while jogging. On itunes, I only found a few (Isiah, 1Timothy, some of Genesis and Exodus). My local library provides a lot of audiobooks for free over the internet, but not the Bible in English. Itunes has lots of sermons, but the ones I sampled were horrible.

  2. You have an interesting point that I was not aware of but in the example you give it’s not the government that is making it difficult to find the religious material.

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