Radical Democratic Vision

That’s Left-Speak for “a People’s [communist] Revolution”.  Cornel West wrote an article for the NYT to describe it.  “Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution…”

Often has the left attached itself to good causes, co-opting them and bending them into radicalized socialist movements.

Have you heard much about the protests on Wall Street?  Me neither.  Here is Cornel West leading a group of drones in one of those protests.  Listen carefully.  He wants an “American Fall” to coincide with the recent Arab Spring.  The Belt-way left is in a pickle.  The base was fired up and ready to go, but they didn’t get their revolution.  They feel it’s time to pounce.  They’ve taken off the masks, taken to the streets, and now they’re feeling let down.  Wait ’till they’ve simmered and seethed for another year and then see their hopes and dreams, their radical democratic vision, slip away.  That could get ugly.

This is why we aren’t supposed to feed the bears in the national parks.  You give them a little bit of socialism here and there, and before you know it they’re ripping the doors off your car trying to eat your children.  Then you’re forced to shoot them.  It’s inhumane.  DON’T FEED THE SOCIALISTS!  The Republicans have been happily feeding socialists for generations, trying to prove their own good intentions, the fools;
“Look!  Aren’t they cute?  And that one has some little cubs!  Awww!  I’ll be nice and give them my cold french fries, so they don’t go away unhappy…” 
I think we should convince some park rangers to have words with the GOP leadership.


4 thoughts on “Radical Democratic Vision

  1. Mace protestors, hell that is old hat… they’ve been doing that at protests in peaceful ol’socialized Canada for ages now…

  2. In a speech and/or article that is no longer on Michael Crichton’s website (after his death, his estate…corrected…the selection of essays available to read), Crichton actually made the case that feeding the bears isn’t as dangerous as one might think–and that, for years, humans and bears lived together, mostly in harmony, in Yellowstone. Indeed, Crichton had pictures of dainty women in 1950s dress *personally interacting* with bears.

    At least, until Government got involved, and banned bear-feeding. Now you’re lucky to see a bear in the distance, and if you see one close up, it will as likely as not try to eat you.

    To the extent that all this is true, then the greatest irony is this: bears are more civilized than Socialists!

    (And, of course, because Crichton’s estate is so concerned about being “politically correct”, the speeches are no longer available to review and check for accuracy. They’d much rather bury that part of Crichton’s legacy, rather than allow people to read it and decide for themselves.)

  3. RE: Feeding bears… seems that they make a fairly cheap security force:
    Bears Guard B.C. Pot (marijuana) Grow-op – TMTV News

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