The Mind of the Left

North Carolina Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue gave us a rare moment of honesty as she called for a suspension of elections in order to Get Things Done.

Hat tip to the guy filling in for Michael Savage today.

This confirms, once again, my definition of “Divisiveness” in the language of the left– “Speaking ill of or disagreeing with socialists or socialism.”  She didn’t use the “D” word, but used “partisan bickering” instead, which is the same thing.  When they win an election, it is the beauty of democracy in action– the will of the people expressing itself in the best of ways.  When they lose, democracy itself is under attack.  Things can’t get done due to political posturing and gridlock, the American People are throwing a temper tantrum, etc., etc.

The assumption is always the same with communists– the stupid little people don’t know what’s good for them.  They don’t appreciate all the great things we smarter and better people could do if only they’d stop asserting their will and submit to ours.  In its naked form, it is a cult of mass destruction.

The mindset is nothing new of course.  What’s unique is the blatant honesty in Governor Perdue’s statement.  It’s very, very rare for a socialist to say something so direct in public in an official capacity  They very much love hiding in complexity and have said exactly so.  This only shows us that they’re beginning to feel comfortable, and that tells us something.  It means things are getting more dangerous, but I suppose that anyone who’s been paying attention already knew that.

We’re now being told it was all a little joke.  Reading the quote I don’t see it as a joke.  I see it as a trial balloon.  Leftists can get away with that.


18 thoughts on “The Mind of the Left

  1. Even so, we have to watch out for those Fascist Republicans! It is fascist, after all, to call attention to a Democrat in power who wants to suspend elections. Evil, evil fascists! Left to their own devices, they’ll not only demand elections, but they’ll even concede defeat if they lose an election! They can’t be trusted at all.

    At least they aren’t as bad as those pinko-commie-fascist Libertarians ! If they’ll ever gain power, they’ll, they’ll…leave you alone! Fortunately, they have absolutely no hope of gaining power!

  2. Yes, Alpheus, the libertarians will leave you all, all alone– alone and forlorn in a deep, dark chasm of poverty and despair, with no job, no medical care, nothing to eat, no free high-speed internet service and no public transportation, while the corporations send out their roving jack-booted goon squads to keep you down. That’s the left’s perception of a free society.

    Apparently, all the millions of compassionate, caring, wonderfully smart leftists would sit back and let you starve to death alone outside in a gutter in the cold of winter in the middle of town if their government didn’t force them to help you. Ever wonder about that? So many supposedly compassionate and brilliant leftists everywhere, all willing and able to organize enough to get out the vote for better pensions, a new library and a four million dollar monument to themselves on the edge of town, and they assume there will be no charity or anything else good without it being forced by government. It doesn’t seem to make the slightest bit of sense on its bare face.

    No matter– there are more than enough true liberals (those who favor liberty) to handle any need that should come along.

  3. Here’s an idea: how about a 4 year hiatus from federal regulations, and each state can do as it pleases to get its own economy roaring again. Then we can all meet back together & compare notes…

  4. We’ll agree to compromise-we’ll suspend elections as long as every single one of them that advocates for said suspension agrees to dangle at the end of a rope when all’s said and done.

  5. SPQR; It’s perfectly consistent in that the left has turned everything on its head. “Democracy”, or what Cornel West among others has been calling “radical democratic vision”, is a People’s Revolution, i.e. communism. When your ideology is based on the notion that individuals cannot be trusted to make their own decisions, it follows that people should not be trusted to vote properly. All this is perfectly consistent and readily predictable.

    We’ve been sold this pile of crap since at least as far back as the 1940s, when “fighting for democracy” was supposed to be interpreted as fighting for liberty. In other words, we were lulled into a state of retardation– we’ve been conflating democracy and liberty when in fact they are usually opposites.

  6. OK Bev We can suspend elections right after I get elected Emperor of this dump and then we`ll really get some important shit done. How does that work out for you ,you communist tart? Who do these people think they are?

  7. “Apparently, all the millions of compassionate, caring, wonderfully smart leftists would sit back and let you starve to death alone outside in a gutter in the cold of winter in the middle of town if their government didn’t force them to help you.”

    A very interesting way to think about all those people who demand government intervention! I remember reading about a speech Davy Crockett gave, where he declined to vote for a pension to a war hero’s old widow. (The hero died of old age.) He offered to give a week of his salary to the widow–and then observed that none of the other congressmen paid a single cent, even though most were better-off financially than he was.

    For a long time, I’ve been wanting to write a book called “What did we do before this?”, that would address how people survived poverty before there was welfare, work accidents before worker’s comp, retirement before Social Security, bank runs before FICA, stock price fraud before the Securities Commission, disaster relief before FICA (and before Federal help in general), medical needs before Medicare and Medicaid, and so forth. But I haven’t had the time, and I’m not exactly sure where to start!

    I have the sneaky feeling, though, that we did just fine without those things–and if those things just went away, we’d be able to do just fine again! Which is why I would like to write such a book, or hope that someone else sees this comment, and writes it for me :-).

    (For the record, I expect full compensation if you pick up this idea and run with it, for coming up with the idea first. Let’s see: the ratio of the work coming up with this idea to the work of researching and putting words to paper…I’ll deserve 0.00000001% royalties! And I’ll demand every cent of it, darnit! at least, if it comes to a cent…)

  8. Come to think of it, I would also add this: I would agree that things would get done more “smoothly” if we just suspended Congress. Consolidated power always does this. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to pick who has the power when this happens! This Democrat may be happy with the idea of suspending elections right now, but would this Democrat be excited about the possibility if the House, the Senate, and the President (or Governor, if local) were Republicans?

    Because if Republicans gain power, they’ll have free reign to do as *they* please. While they probably won’t do the “right” things, they’ll be doing things that will cause Democrats lots of angst! Suspending elections is a double-edged sword.

  9. Isn’t the smallest form of government a dictatorship? Is that really what Libertarians crave?

    Alpheus, regarding the book idea… Don’t you have any older relatives? If you want some idea of what life was like without all these things, talk to someone born before 1925.

  10. Well, immediately before Roosevelt’s New Deal, every last one of his regulations and restrictions on trade was part of a voluntary code of commercial ethics promulgated by various industry consortiums in the 15-20 years before Roosevelt’s election in 1932. They didn’t work out so well as voluntary measures, so they were made compulsory.
    Also, Alpheus, notice how the media is always concerned about the Imperial Presidency when a Republican is elected but those stories and the ones about how much “vacation” the Chief Executive is taking and how much it costs go off the evening news when a Democrat is elected President?

  11. Isn’t the smallest form of government a dictatorship? Is that really what Libertarians crave?

    That’s even more brazen bit of mendacity than usual, ubu. You know the falsity of your misrepresentation without having to have it explained to you.

  12. You’re confusing “small” for “concentrated.”

    The dictatorship concentrates decision-making power in the hands of one person, but that doesn’t make the government “small.” You need to account for all of the agents, soldiers, and secret police needed to enforce the whims of the dictator. They’re all parts of the government, too.

    A dictator without a massive throng of armed men to enforce his whims is just somebody’s crazy ranting uncle.

  13. Alpheus: Great idea for the book and if someone else does run with it, they owe you a nod of thanks — but not a slice of the pie. It doesn’t work that way. The ideas are the easy part; there’s a zillion of ’em floating around and more pop up every day. Sitting down and actually doing the research and writing is the difficult nuts-and-bolts heavy lifting of the job.

    If you want to make money from your excellent idea, hie yourself to a keyboard — and move fast.

  14. Roberta, I completely agree about the nod of thanks (if I even get that!); that is why I calculated my percentage of any royalties to be 0.00000001% (and even then, I’m probably being overly generous to myself). Oh, how I wish I can sit down and do that research! but I currently do not have the time. Perhaps my comment will spark someone else to do the research, because it’s badly needed!

    (Oh, and if my percentage of royalties really *do* come to one cent, using my calculations, I want my penny, darnit! If for no other reason than how amusing it would be to be able to frame that penny “earned” from a fabulously successful book.)

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