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  1. Post coming up on this. The mania of the state getting into people’s homes and regulating everything, with inspection rights, is well under way over here. Why people don’t wake up is a sad thing.

  2. And note the two innocent victims are considered “Gun Death” for the antis to call for MORE restrictive laws.

    BTW I wonder if it was intentional that the safe was portable. If the Robber is simply concussed he can of course take the gun when he comes to. But in similar houses when they are robbed the robber can simply take the safe with him to crack with tools at a secure location.

    Showing these safes are good for letting innocent people die, and getting guns in the hands of criminals.

  3. Isn’t this the kind of sensationalist crap we usually laugh at when the other side uses it?

  4. It may be sensationalist, if by sensationalist you mean it’s emotionally compelling, but it certainly isn’t crap, if by crap you mean it’s unrealistic or a lie. Big difference. Anyone seeing it can immediately understand that it represents a sort of leftist wet dream– they’d love to have us in just that kind of situation (begging an uninterested bureaucrat for permission to make any decision, including a life saving one) and we all know it.

    No? I just received notice last night that my daughter, who had a prescription (you know – a signed note from a doctor?) for antibiotics, couldn’t have them at school without a signed note from a doctor. State law. Totally insane right on its face. Totally. Now tell me the difference, morally speaking, from the video and this situation with the school. Please think carefully.

  5. @ctr, To a certain extent you are correct.

    The difference is when our opponents sensationalize things they talk about people getting in shootouts over parking space or receiving a bad grade from their professor. These are things we have data which show them to be exceedingly rare events which is not made worse by the proposed easing of restrictions on firearms.

    In the case of “safe storage” we have data which shows that people have lost their lives because they could not access their firearms because of firearms restrictions which are known to do nothing to make criminal use less likely. We also have a long trend line which demonstrates they desire more and more state control of firearms.

    Hence, I will argue, this sensationalism is based on verifiable data while theirs is based on speculation proven to be false.

  6. I was surprised by the ending: I expected them to show the murderer taking the victim’s gun with him as he left.

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