Quote of the day—Charlie Beck

We are a modern civilized community, and we should work on peaceful solutions to end criminal behavior.

Charlie Beck
Los Angeles Police Chief
September 16, 2011
Gun control bill in Gov. Brown’s hands
[Since the people that work for him are on the front lines of the criminal behavior modification efforts Beck should be consistent. He should order all of his police officers to not carry firearms in public.

Other advice for Beck might include having his police officers hold hands with the criminals and sing Kumbaya.

While he is evaluating how that turns out the rest of the country will be packing heat and questioning his sanity.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Charlie Beck

  1. That seems to be a recurring theme with the anti’s. Apparently they just can’t quite comprehend that some in our midst are not civilized nor do they wish to be. They will not play by society’s rules no matter how many guns our betters take away from the general populace.

  2. What are we waiting for? Ban it. Just ban crime and be done with it.
    The idiots don’t even hear themselves. They’re completely lost. I’d feel a lot sorrier for them if they weren’t so dangerous.

    I suppose ubu would have “gun crime” be a capital offense, whereas, I don’t know, all sorts of horrible things not involving guns would be less serious.

    Why is that “worth noting” ubu? Lots and lots of other societies all throughout history have killed from hundreds of thousands, to millions upon millions of their own. You’re just starting to figure that out? What’s your point? You like them? You think they have a better answer? American socialists adored Mussolini as a “strong man” who could “get things done” without all the messy politics. I’m hearing very similar noises today. The Progressives are now enamored with Hugo Chavez and the like. Is that your trip now too, ubu? Looking for a “strong man who can get things done”?

    Nice try too, with the immigration baiting. People want to come here from all over the world because we’re NOT like the countries they come from, see. Maybe you’re starting to understand something. At least you have pointed out some differences between the U.S. and other countries, and that is a start.

  3. Continuing somewhat off-topic, but I would have to agree about the red-herringness of the immigration issue here. We tend to do a disservice when we say “Everyone should be here legally”, when we would be far better off to embrace those who come here, regardless the reasons (excepting, perhaps, those who come here for downright criminal reasons). We should do everything in our power to convince them that they left their country because of a lack of freedom, and because the socialist mindset of their former government was bleeding the country dry. We should then convince them that this is the place where they can succeed!.

    But we don’t. Instead, we moan about how they are taking our jobs, and getting on our welfare roles–as though we have a “right” to a given job, and as though our own fellow citizens on welfare aren’t a problem in and of themselves.

    I haven’t figured out how to do this yet. For that matter, I haven’t figured out how to do this with liberals who have fled their “perfect” states, only to start infecting their new homes with socialist ideas. Liberalism is a virus, a virus, I tell you! We need to figure out how to quarantine those states–California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts immediately come to mind–that are terminally infected, so that they won’t infect other states. Better yet, we need to figure out how to inoculate those states not affected, and discover an anti-virus for those states that are infected.

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