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Let’s start with the obscenely irresponsible laws that cover gun sales in America. For instance, anyone without a criminal record can legally purchase as many rifles and other long guns as they want in the United States. You read that correctly. If you have no criminal record, you can walk into a gun dealer and buy 100 AR-15 rifles, 200 AK-47s, the store’s entire inventory of shotguns, or a .50-caliber sniper rifle that can take down a low-flying aircraft — as long as you have the cash.

James Verini
August 30, 2011
Mexican Roulette
[And anyone, regardless of their criminal record, can purchase as many copies of the Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, and Korans as they want in the United States. Anyone can also purchase as much gasoline, road flares, and matches as you want. Or you can purchase as many baseball bats, hammers, and knives as you want. What you can’t legally do is deliberate or carelessly harm other people.

As seen in this light that you have to pass a government mandated background check to exercise a specific enumerated right demonstrates that firearms are over regulated.

It’s time for Verini to grow up. The government is not, cannot, and should not be his mother or anyone else’s.

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  1. I have to lol, you buy that many firearms in one go and the “alphabet soup troop” will be banging on your front door with paperwork in hand, asking to see those purchases. There are several posts in online forums detailing how when some people bought 5 or more stripped lowers for AR rifles that they had a friendly knock on the door from a couple .GOV employees…

    I have to agree with you on your examples, anyone with $10 can pick up a very utilitarian machete at the local Walmart, for around $10, the Walmart employees will probably get you a hand truck to cart them out to your vehicle if you buy all of what is in stock too.

  2. “It’s time for Verini to grow up. The government is not, cannot, and should not be his mother or anyone else’s.”

    Specifically, Verini needs to overcome the “default mentality”, as I call it, which is fostered within our education system. He has it big time. “Oh my gosh! Why, do you realize how much liberty we still have in this country?! Perish the thought!”

  3. It is basically BS that a .50 BMG sniper rifle can “take down” a low flying aircraft. Its an almost impossible shot. Just because .50 Browning machine guns were used as AA weapons does not mean that that translates to a semi-auto or bolt action gun in the same caliber without any form of anti-aircraft sighting system.

  4. Also, from what I understand, that only works if you are shooting down onto the aircraft, i.e. from a vantage point on top of a mountain as a helicopter is flying low through a valley.

  5. It would not be Constitutionally accurate or perfect, but I might be satisfied if the only firearms restriction that I had to honor was a maximum of 200 examples of any particular type of firearm! Actually, that’s not true, I will not accept their restrictions because they will always come back with more and more of them to whittle down my rights.

    I wonder if Verini would appreciate if his word count for any of his written or verbal expressions was capped at 200 words. How about limiting church attendence to 200 Sundays maximum in a lifetime. The selective nature of gun control must make them squirm when we show how limiting a Constitutionally-recognized right like free speech is so wrong.

    A final thought, why can they not mind their own business? They do not want to personally own guns; fine, we get it. We accept and respect this. However, can they just leave us alone and let us own firearms without massive restrictions and attempts to stigmitize it as some sort of great evil? If we screw up and endanger or shoot somebody there are many laws in place to deter or punish wrong doing. Their gun control measures are all clearly USELESS in stopping criminals.

  6. He is absolutely correct. If you have enough cash, you can become a mayor of a liberal city in a liberal state, or a US Senator. You won’t have to pay taxes (Rangel, Durbin, Daschle), fill out forms for firearms, or even pay the sex slaves in your bordello (I’m looking at you, Barney Frank).

    If you are a powerful senator on a key committee, the Army will deliver those weapons to your door, and provide personnel to man them.

  7. “…why can they not mind their own business?”

    Braden; Because they’re leftists. I don’t know if there is a single, simple phrase to describe the left as a whole, but I think “incapable of minding their own business” comes about as close as anything. “Those who would give you the shirt off of……someone else’s back” is a great phrase, but it has, as a prerequisite, the inability to mind one’s own business.

  8. In another life I was in law enforcement in Inyo County, CA. During my tenure, a couple of scumbags with a .303 Enfield took down a CHP helicopter with a single shot (no one was hurt in the forced landing).
    So he’s right about the .50. But, so what?

  9. A properly placed flock of birds can take down an aircraft, we need immediate Starling control… for the children of course…

  10. “I don’t know if there is a single, simple phrase to describe the left as a whole, but I think “incapable of minding their own business” comes about as close as anything.”

    Oh, if only it were only the political Left that described; it’s most of the Right-in-office, too.

  11. I’d think that anyone who has $150,000 for AR’s, $120,000 for AK’s, $10,000 for a .50 and who knows how much more for the remaining inventory in one purchase has enough scratch to just secure an exemption of some kind from the powers that be.

  12. “Oh, if only it were only the political Left that described; it’s most of the Right-in-office, too.”

    For the sake of absolute clarity, I must make a slight correction to that;

    “Oh, if only it were only one political party that described; it’s most of the republicans, too.”

    Don’t call them the “right” just because they want us to think they are the “right”. I’ve been complaining about this, right here, for years. My most recent and oft repeated saying is;
    “Meanwhile, the Republicans are taking polls, doing focus groups, hiring marketing and image consultants and taking advice from Washington political insiders, trying to figure out what it is they should pretend to believe” or some variation thereof. It’s all about the pretending, you see.

    Obama invoked the name of Ronald Reagan in his campaign, but that doesn’t make him “the right” now does it? Nor does having that stupid little “R” after your name. For that matter, “the right” has very different meanings to different people, and traditionally it has a very, very different meaning in Europe that it has here. In mid 20th century Europe, “the right” meant the Fascists and “the left” meant the communists. I regard them as being the same – statist.

    No, Little Grasshopper; we’re talking liberals verses statists. Liberty verses tyranny. That statists have been calling themselves liberals for decades doesn’t make them liberal either. It makes them liars, or delusional, or both.

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