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Yeah…. And I want to f*** supermodels tomorrow. Both have about an equal chance of success.

Ry Jones
September 10, 2011
This was in response to the Brady Campaign’s search for a new president who will be given the “Programmatic Objective” of “Build the movement to insure that all guns in our nation are childproofed by 2015.”
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I also laughed at this one:

Develop strategies to determine and promote evidence-based arguments for public policies, which are grounded in research and support common sense efforts at reducing gun violence.

As a scientist I would be persona non-gratia in most scientific circles if I advocated for something like that. You don’t look for evidence to support your preconceived notions. Furthermore an abundance of evidence exists which supports the conclusion that the Brady Campaign is on the wrong side of the data.

And finally since they are looking for justification to infringe upon a specific enumerated right this goal is like the KKK looking for evidence to justify racial segregation and discrimination. Even if it exists they have no business attempting to use the force of government to achieve their objectives.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ry Jones

  1. I’ll take the job. I know stupid and insane as well as anyone else. If the pay if good enough I can pretend to be against human rights, making a gigantic fool of myself for all the world to see, and do a damned good job of it.

    Call me, guys. My only requirement, beside an extremely lavish contract, is that I be able to work from my current business location. I promise that by the end of my first year I’ll have even PRO gun rights people sending you money. Call me.

  2. Hmm. I have ideas like armoring all new cars against pistols. Lots of lobbyist to sell the economic benefit and supplement the budget. Tax credits for Class III body armor.

    Mandatory gun safety classes in all middle schools. Show gut shot pigs dying in agony to horrify everyone of gunshot wounds. Bonus that teachers can ID students with an affinity or indifference to mammalian suffering. Issue 9+ lb milsurp rifles to high schoolers to show how antique, clunky and uncool firearms are.

    Expedite civil liability trials for shooters who hit people to fund hospital ERs. Ditto on car accidents. And police only get batons, tasers, smoke grenades, and APCs to arrest violent suspects. seriously guns are totally superfluous when and APC can just drive through the living room and over the perp. Guns not necessary EVER!

    Too much fun.

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