If it were teenage drinking instead of guns

Ry and I were talking about operation “Fast and Furious” on the drive back from the range yesterday. The synopsis is, suppose operation “Fast and Furious” were about teenage drinking instead of guns. Law enforcement would have given $70,000 to several underage people and told them to go buy alcohol at particular stores where law enforcement would tell the stores to not check the IDs of the people they gave the money too.

Law enforcement would then find receipts from those purchases at drunk driving accidents. The executive branch would then claim more laws are required to register people who want to buy more than one six pack of beer or one bottle of hard liquor at a time. The news media would enthusiastically support this proposal until it was discovered that a law enforcement officer was killed by one of the drunk teenagers. Then both the news media and the government officials would say they aren’t going to admit any wrong doing and the proposed laws are a good idea even if enforcement of the existing laws would have prevented the problems they used as justification for the new laws.

As Kevin and I discussed last night the entire scandal was only exposed when people who stomp kittens to death as part of their regular job found it too immoral to continue with the operation.


4 thoughts on “If it were teenage drinking instead of guns

  1. The analogy works pretty well.

    (I tried to work up an analogy involving licensed handlers of prescription drugs, meth precursors, and a legal push to clamp down on meth…but I don’t remember posting it anywhere.)

  2. Not just a couple of teenagers… but “stone-cold killer” teenagers. Now we have the makings for an underage party. Also, ask them to throw the kegger up in Canada — and say “pretty please” when you do.

    This is starting to piss me off — because we all know the first US citizens these guns were used against was NOT a member of the elite. It was one of us, a serf. With TWO THOUSAND guns, it is likely quite a few of us have been terrorized — in no small part, by the true domestic terrorists in the White House and Justice Department — including each and every member of the elite kitten-stompers who claim membership in this terrorist organization.

  3. I’m beginning to think that much of what government does any more is a series of projects “Fast and Furious”.

    Karrde; funny you should mention drugs. I believe most of the DEA’s activities are of the “Fast and Furious” nature. The drug pusher, drug gang, drug violence problem is one created mainly by the fact that certain drugs are illegal. The DEA and others benefit from it. We learned that prohibitions don’t “work” back in the 1920s. They make matters worse. But they do “work” if your goal is that of the “Fast and Furious” perpetrators – justifying the existence of a huge bureaucracy, with the money and power that comes with it. As things get worse yet, as they surely will, you have your further justification. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s a spiral into hell.

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