Quote of the day—Jennifer

There is only ONE purpose for a gun and that is to kill. Knives have other purposes but the only thing a gun is good for is killing.

September 7, 2011
GOP’s gun raffle in gabrielle giffords county
[With about 10 billion rounds of ammunition sold in the U.S. each year one has to wonder where all the bodies are being piled. And I find it odd that I went through about 200 rounds yesterday and I don’t recall killing anybody or anything.

I have to conclude that either my gun or Jennifer’s brain malfunctioned. I’m going to gather some more data today but for now I’m going with Jennifer has crap for brains.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jennifer

  1. Can this woman not distinguish the derringer in John Wilkes Booth’s hand from the Seal who put two rounds into Bin Laden’s face? One supposes not. I tried to comment there, even joining the “Circle” but was blocked.

  2. I put lots of holes in the paper and hit the steel many times. Nothing died.

    Changing the definition of “kill” does not further your cause.

  3. Would love to take a deer with my FAL, but to this point I’ve never killed anything with a firearm (ironically as a Field Biologist I’ve killed hundreds of animals with knives)

    Still there is a grain of truth in this argument, granted most defensive firearms are designed to have STOPPING power (so long as the attack STOPS I could care less if the person I shoot lives or dies…furthermore, if my gun DOESN’T stop an attack, and later on, after I’m dead, my attacker dies of his wounds, what good did that do me?).

    Still let’s dump the semantics, and concede the training with guns. (I know its a big concession).

    What’s wrong with killing? Hunting is legal. Is she saying people shouldn’t hunt and fish?

    And here’s the big one. Justifiable homicide. It is 100% legal under certain circumstances for one person to kill another person. The big one being in self defense.

    Is she saying self-defense is wrong?

    Yeah she’s twisting reality to make things look worse, but really, even the picture she paints is pretty thin.

    Maybe Ubu will be so kind to respond. What IS wrong with killing, given that its the legal kind?

  4. I rest my case. We need to press the issue, as lawful use of defensive deadly force is the elephant in the room for those who are anti-gun. The bottom line is these people hate FREEDOM, and guns are just one part of that.

    But they will do whatever they can to avoid that reality.

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