Quote of the day—Barron Barnett

These piss swilling cheeba monkeys are TSA agents because of one of the following three conditions:

  1. They are too stupid to get a job any place else, including McDonald’s.
  2. They get off on physically molesting people .
  3. They are wanting crimes of opportunity for theft .

There are no other options.  While one would say maybe they just need a job, the bottom line is they sold their morals down the river and now are molesting people.  They are molesting people cause obviously they’re too stupid to get a job any place else.

Barron Barnett
September 8, 2011
A Security Theater and Illegal Aliens
[I think there is the possibility of some other reasons.

  • They could be of the opinion that it is the job of government to do these sort of things. The reasoning could be something like, “Government is for the good of the people. If the government does this then it must be good.”
  • They simplistically believe that laws against “molesting people” do not apply if they are wearing the proper badge (see examples where people have explicated claimed that possession of a badge means “the law doesn’t apply to us” here).

Still, Barron gets it almost completely right in the rest of his post which I categorize as “a nice rant”.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Barron Barnett

  1. I feel that most of those that follow either of your two points are really just subconsciously justifying their kinks. If you didn’t like molesting people, why would you stretch for justification?

    You’re right that some probably just go “it’s the government, they can do no wrong.” At which point I say they’re too stupid to get a job any place else. If a 5 year old child is capable of understanding there’s a double standard, anyone who ignores it as an adult is nothing more than an ignorant ass or someone looking for authoritah.

    So yeah, it looks like I missed the authoritah seeking crowd. But I see your point, ultimately any reason someone has to go work for the TSA is either flawed or exposes their internal corruption.

  2. I was gate-raped on Monday and the guy who touched my penis and stuck his hands down my pants did seem very aware of the boundaries he was crossing, and was about as respectful as you could expect in such a circumstance. But also had absolutely ZERO shame in what he was doing.

    I certainly think he was of point #1 from Joe’s list. He was a true believer that somehow his job was necessary, and they were doing nothing wrong.

    Of course Barron’s list is absolutely true, and I have met ALL of them as well.

  3. And don’t get me started on that damn badge. I noticed the other day that it even says officer on it. If I had my way that would be the very first change at the TSA, the badges would go away. Those people are no more officers than I am. Damn, now my blood pressure is up again

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