Quote of the day—Ryan (La Verne)

The entire purpose of a gun is to KILL THINGS. That’s why they exist. Do we really need to have more of them spread throughout our neighborhoods, parks, public buildings, schools? Really!? That’s what we need? This is such a no-brainer.

Ryan (La Verne)
August 31, 2011
Comment to NRA pushes for expanded 2nd Amendment rights
[Yup. This is a real no brainer alright.

I’ve fired about 100,000 rounds through my guns and I’ve only killed two deer and one rattlesnake. They must be malfunctioning something terrible.

What Ryan No-Brain (La Verne) is apparently incapable of understanding is that the threat of lethal force has benefits. In this country cops almost always carry guns. Does that mean a major purpose of law enforcement is to “KILL THINGS”? Would he object to more cops “spread throughout our neighborhoods, parks, public buildings, schools?”

Like nearly all anti-gun people Ryan No-Brain (La Verne) is an ignorant bigot.

And to the headline writer, the NRA is not  pushing to “expand 2nd Amendment rights”. It’s pushing to stop the current infringement of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ryan (La Verne)

  1. A right by definition cannot be expanded or contracted. It can be only be either protected or violated.

    Personal arms restrictions are nothing more and nothing less than criminal empowerment laws.

    An unarmed man may be attacked with more confidence than an armed man.

  2. Please understand. Killing things is not always a bad thing. Some things need to be killed. Like a rabid animal that is about to bite a small child. A bear that is about to kill a hiker. A human predator this about to rape and murder a helpless child. All these need to be killed and killed quickly!

    Sometimes it is necessary to kill one animal/human to save the life of another animal/human. Most like me need firearms for that purpose!

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