As easy as access to drugs

As we have said for years and years laws restricting access to firearms can be no more effective than the laws that restrict access to recreational drugs. We now have a report that literally says that about California which, according to the Brady Campaign ranks as the top state in the nation with the “strongest gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of guns without background checks and reduce risks to children” (plagiarized from here):

Respondents pointed out that getting a gun is “as easy as access to drugs.” This climate of ready gun availability led a service provider to observe that “it seems harder for adults to get legal access to guns than for kids to get illegal access.” This surprising information regarding the ease of youth access to guns is supported by data from the 2007 California Healthy Kids Survey, in which 4.8 percent of San Mateo County 7th, 9th, and 11th graders reported having brought a gun to school, a rate similar to that for the Bay Area overall (5 percent).

Got that? It is harder for adults to legally exercise a specific enumerated right than it is for children to get illegal access.

What if it were more difficult to lawfully purchase a Bible than it was for kids to get a copy of Hustler magazine? Do you think the laws would change?

It’s time most firearm laws were repealed and politicians who defend them sent to prison.

Sunnyvale gets it right

Bigoted members of the public in Sunnyvale California wanted “special attention” given to “Stand-alone Firearm Sales Businesses”. Sporting goods stores that happen to sell guns were okay but if a store was primarily a gun shop they had a problem with it. Something about children walking by it caused them to think for themselves and put the harmony of the collective at risk or something. I have to wonder if they had the same sort of problem with kids walking by a bookstore.

In any case after some “encouragement” from Michel & Associates on Tuesday the city council stood up to the bigots on the issue.

Quote of the day—dogbreath

I think you are giving them far too much credit – their generally not well endowed with either a brain or a p…Glock. But there is an assload of money involved. Absolutely.

September 27, 2011
Comment to NRA’s “Single Issue” Is Obama, Not Guns
[Nice! Dogbreath invokes Markley’s Law, says we have small brains while saying “their” instead of “they’re”, and attributes the motivation to protect a specific enumerated right to making money all in just two sentences. That is impressive.—Joe]

Pack a sidearm

Via email from Jonathan H.

One of my Idaho Outfitter friends hunted a group of out-of-state elk archery hunters from the Great Lakes region  last week and they called in a pack of 17 wolves by cow calling. None of the hunters had a sidearm or wolf tag and it was a very traumatic experience as the wolves surrounded the hunters!   All hunters went home early very disturbed claiming these wolves are very different from the Great Lakes wolves as they claimed these Idaho wolves actually “Hunt” you and were not afraid!

Note she is wearing gloves!  We saw almost no gloves 2 years ago!

Archers please pack a sidearm where legal!


This wolf came running toward Rene last night to attack her. She had to drop her bow & pull her pistol.  She shot it in the head about 10 feet from her.  She had to shoot it a couple more times to actually kill it.  CRAZY!  This – not even a week after Shane’s dogs were killed by wolves.


It’s not just archers that should carry a sidearm. Wife Barbara saw one while taking pictures near the Selway river last year.

Quote of the day—Ubu52

Isn’t the smallest form of government a dictatorship? Is that really what Libertarians crave?

September 29, 2011
Comment to The Mind of the Left.
[I suppose it could be very ignorant question. After all, even if you were to grant that a libertarian dictatorship is technically possible the smallest form government would be no government at all or anarchy.

But I think I smell a troll.—Joe]

Radical Democratic Vision

That’s Left-Speak for “a People’s [communist] Revolution”.  Cornel West wrote an article for the NYT to describe it.  “Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution…”

Often has the left attached itself to good causes, co-opting them and bending them into radicalized socialist movements.

Have you heard much about the protests on Wall Street?  Me neither.  Here is Cornel West leading a group of drones in one of those protests.  Listen carefully.  He wants an “American Fall” to coincide with the recent Arab Spring.  The Belt-way left is in a pickle.  The base was fired up and ready to go, but they didn’t get their revolution.  They feel it’s time to pounce.  They’ve taken off the masks, taken to the streets, and now they’re feeling let down.  Wait ’till they’ve simmered and seethed for another year and then see their hopes and dreams, their radical democratic vision, slip away.  That could get ugly.

This is why we aren’t supposed to feed the bears in the national parks.  You give them a little bit of socialism here and there, and before you know it they’re ripping the doors off your car trying to eat your children.  Then you’re forced to shoot them.  It’s inhumane.  DON’T FEED THE SOCIALISTS!  The Republicans have been happily feeding socialists for generations, trying to prove their own good intentions, the fools;
“Look!  Aren’t they cute?  And that one has some little cubs!  Awww!  I’ll be nice and give them my cold french fries, so they don’t go away unhappy…” 
I think we should convince some park rangers to have words with the GOP leadership.

Quote of the day—John Dewey

You can’t make Socialists out of individualists — children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.

John Dewey
From Accuracy In Media
[Ahhhh… yes. The collective society. The good of the collective is more important than the good of the individual. The individual must not think for themselves. Except of course the dear, enlightened, leaders who decide what is best for the collective and just happen to live lives of luxury.

What the “intellectuals” need to understand, if history has any lessons to be learned on this topic, is that the “intellectuals” are the first to get the bullet in the back of the neck and occupy the mass graves in the woods. Look at what Stalin, Pol Pot, and communist China did.

It may be that it “won’t happen here”. It may be the government of the collective will put the “intellectuals” in positions of power and that when the shooting starts it will be individualists who first occupy the mass graves. But when the shooting stops it will be because the individualists ran out of collectivist “intellectuals” as targets. Not because we ran out of ammo or individuals.—Joe]

Time for Change in which You Can Believe

…and better grammar.  I can say that I’m college educated, but barely.  I can however recognize that words mean things.  I’ve learned orders of magnitude more about language and writing from reading things outside of academe than inside, yet I can’t claim to be literate in the way that a person considered literate in 1900 would be literate.

The use of the double “is” has become a disease, and has infected all parts of society.  I wonder if the CDC has been looking into it, but then I realize that their job is to get money.  The double “is” has become so common that it now has its own contraction among the smart people– “The thing is’s…that…the sky is blue.”  That’s three applications of “is” when one would have done better, yet we have people with advanced degrees, those with careers in journalism, and holders of public office saying crap like that.  I wonder when journalists and commentators will start typing “is’s”.  I suppose it’ll be a while before Bill Gates puts “is’s” into the word processor spelling dictionaries, and I figure most journalists haven’t figured out how to put it in themselves, so we may overcome this virus without “is’s” becoming “proper English”.  It could just as well be, “The thing is; the sky is blue” but even that is silly.  How about, “The sky is blue”?  It takes less energy, it actually means something, it requires thinking for a millisecond or two before you speak, and I won’t walk away thinking you beneath my 1.5 years of trade school.

Still I see horrible misuse of the language.  We can stop, right here and now, using the term “liberal” to describe an ideology that isn’t.  Really.  It isn’t difficult.  Other people may misuse and torture the language, but you aren’t held to their standards.  I’m a liberal.  I can say it and mean it without permission from those incapable of telling the truth.  Referring to a statist/socialist as “liberal” is to embrace a lie.  We can stop that right now.  These things matter.  You’ll find yourself thinking more clearly, with only a few little adjustments like that.  It is a Change in which You Can Believe.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home, hopeful that I might have gay intercourse over the dinner table with my family.  I might pick up some faggots along the way though.  See?  Things that were written not long ago (as recent as my grandparents’ time) have had their meanings corroded.  Our Constitution is one of them.

The Mind of the Left

North Carolina Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue gave us a rare moment of honesty as she called for a suspension of elections in order to Get Things Done.

Hat tip to the guy filling in for Michael Savage today.

This confirms, once again, my definition of “Divisiveness” in the language of the left– “Speaking ill of or disagreeing with socialists or socialism.”  She didn’t use the “D” word, but used “partisan bickering” instead, which is the same thing.  When they win an election, it is the beauty of democracy in action– the will of the people expressing itself in the best of ways.  When they lose, democracy itself is under attack.  Things can’t get done due to political posturing and gridlock, the American People are throwing a temper tantrum, etc., etc.

The assumption is always the same with communists– the stupid little people don’t know what’s good for them.  They don’t appreciate all the great things we smarter and better people could do if only they’d stop asserting their will and submit to ours.  In its naked form, it is a cult of mass destruction.

The mindset is nothing new of course.  What’s unique is the blatant honesty in Governor Perdue’s statement.  It’s very, very rare for a socialist to say something so direct in public in an official capacity  They very much love hiding in complexity and have said exactly so.  This only shows us that they’re beginning to feel comfortable, and that tells us something.  It means things are getting more dangerous, but I suppose that anyone who’s been paying attention already knew that.

We’re now being told it was all a little joke.  Reading the quote I don’t see it as a joke.  I see it as a trial balloon.  Leftists can get away with that.

Quote of the day—Brian Malte

Not only are you stripping the right of the local municipalities to protect safety but you’re also asking them to adhere to gun laws at the state level that don’t even exist.

Brian Malte
Director of mobilization for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
September 27, 2011
Lawyer keeps local gun laws in his sights—Lawsuits against Evansville and Hammond demand communities comply with state measure
[“Protect safety”? “Adhere to gun laws that don’t exit”? What in the world does that even mean?

I suppose it’s possible the reporter had the crap for brains and messed up the quote but I doubt it because the quotes from the other people in the article weren’t just word salads. It could have been deliberate maliciousness by the reporter but usually the bias is against gun owners.

It’s true that we are sometimes our worst enemy but it may be more so for our opponents. We don’t always act as a team and give conflicting messages to the public and the politicians. We have people that sometimes say things that which, while true, can be exploited by our opponents. They have crap for brains and it shows.—Joe]

Quote of the day—David Voth

Please accept this letter in lieu of completing an ATF Form 4473 for the purchase of four (4) CAI, Model Draco, 7.62×39 mm pistols, by Special Agent John Dodson. These aforementioned pistols will be used by Special Agent Dodson in furtherance of the performance of his official duties. In addition, Special Agent Dodson has not been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. If you have any questions, you may contact me at telephone number 602-605-6501.

David Voth
ATF Group Supervisor
June 1, 2010
Letter implicates ATF in committing straw purchases for Gunwalker
[These guns, purchased with U.S. taxpayer cash without a 4473 so as to be off the books, were given directly to the drug trafficking organizations by an ATF agent. There was no straw buyer.

I’m a pretty creative guy but I’m at a loss at finding a reason why someone would think this was a good idea unless their sole objective was to create justification for more strict firearm laws. I consider this to be on the same ethical plane as someone committing crimes in face paint such that they appeared to have black skin in order to justify laws against blacks.

The people responsible for these misdeeds need to be brought to justice. They probably wouldn’t pass muster in a constitutional challenge because of the prohibition of “cruel and unusual punishment” but I have some very creative potential sentences running through my mind right now. —Joe]

Mecca under construction

I take exception with Ry saying, “Joe tried to drive the cat through the uphill side of the container, missing only by a few inches”. It was under complete control when I was within a few inches. I was out of control sliding sidewise for a few feet a minute or so earlier but it stopped before I got within five or six feet but everything else is correct.

Barron has some pictures and I will get some pictures, video, and stories (three different types of fuels failed me with the bulldozer, there was a flat tire on my vehicle, and it was HOT out there), of my own up within a few days.

On the bright side; Mecca is going to be awesome!

Oh, and those guys who stayed in bed until after 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM today are wimps. My muscles were a little sore from moving over 1300 pounds of ammonium nitrate and other stuff but I was out at the range today by 9:00 AM and shot in the Steel Challenge Pistol match with only minor complaints. I guess it must suck when you get to be as old as those other guys who didn’t make it to match. [wink]

Thanks again Ry, Barron, and son-in-law Caleb, for all the help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Quote of the day—President Obama

I’m determined because there’s too much at stake. The alternative I think is an approach to government that would fundamentally cripple America in meeting the challenges of the 21st Century and that’s not the kind of society that I want to bequeath to Malia and Sasha, and your children and your grandchildren.

President Obama
What President Obama saying to his donors
September 25, 2011
[What President Obama isn’t directly saying is that the U.S. Constitution is crippling his vision of a utopian society.

And while I say that’s a good thing the battle has mostly been lost. I fear the majority of people in this country will have to learn the lessons of socialism and perhaps even communism for themselves.


Quote of the day—Ry Jones

I’m willing to bleed in order to own a world record.

Ry Jones
September 23, 2011
[It turns out there is a relatively easy path to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. I questioned the wisdom of Ry’s method, which involved explosives at close ranges, and the quote above was him assured me he did not share my concern.—Joe]

Where is the Beef?

It leaves me somewhat dumbfounded in a way, and yet it’s thoroughly normal and predictable.  What leaves me dumbfounded is that fact that it is so normal and predictable.

“Where’s Waldo” was one title that occurred to me, but there is no Waldo.

I have a challenge for you.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find one thing that Rick Perry actually said in this ad;

Just one meaningful statement– one example of what he’s done to further some goal or other in the past, one guiding principle, one thing that would suggest what he actually wants to do as president.  Anything.  I only watched it twice, but I don’t think you can do it.  Right now as far as I can tell, this ad is recycled from an old Obama ad.  As I said in comments over on Uncle’s blog, it was probably produced by the same people, who did Bush’s and Clinton’s ads.

And yet there are people who really love this ad, and that is the rub.  Are we as a society capable of thinking critically anymore, or is it simply over and done for us?

We need to able to watch something like this, looking, probing, asking ourselves; “Where’s the meaning.  Where’s the substance?  What’s actually being said here?  Anything?”  It should be automatic – you’re waiting for something to be said.

Now I don’t want to hear about Perry.  For all I know he’s the greatest defender of liberty the world has ever seen, but if so he would tell us in his very own words.  However, there is nothing here that would tell us one way or the other, and the fact that he can’t actually say something in his own ad already tells me he’s not my man.  Don’t defend him.  If he were the leader we need, he would never allow an ad like this to be produced in his name.  If he comes out tomorrow and tells us it was done against his wishes, and that those responsible for it have been fired, I might change my mind, but not before.  When ads like this one are soundly ridiculed in the public arena, by all sides, that’s when I’ll know we’ve made progress, yet we are nowhere near that now.

He did say that the greatest deeds are reserved for future generations, but like all the other statements, that one has no substance.  No indication of what he thinks is a great deed, but the strangest part about that statement is that it makes no reference to current generations.  What about us?  Why can’t we be doing any of the greatest deeds?  Why are they reserved for someone else, and who is in charge of reserving deeds these days, and why?  Who appointed this new “Deed Tsar”?  See; you can go crazy trying to infer meaning where there is none.

Negotiate from a position of strength

From reading James Higham’s post we get this:

All things being equal, the English [and British] population have not been particularly gun-oriented, compared to the Americans and we like to think we can solve everything by negotiation, relying on the friendly bobby on the beat to take care of the occasional naughty person. “Allo, allo, what’s all this then?”

It occurs to me that the liberals in our society have a strong tendency in the same direction. Many liberal politicians insist we should “talk out our differences” rather than utilizing force on both a personal as well as international scale.

While I agree it is much preferable to have a verbal exchange before exchanging blows, bullets, or ballistic missiles the verbal exchange is doomed to failure unless both parties are in positions of some power. That power does not necessarily need to be a physical threat. It doesn’t even need to be a physical action. It could be something as nebulous as “I won’t like you anymore” or something like the shame of violating someone’s trust.

The less power you have during the negotiation the less favorable your outcome. If you are much weaker physically and unable to bring additional forces to the “negotiation” the psychopath wanting to rob or rape you isn’t going to spend a lot of time “talking out the differences” in your two positions.

In tribes of up to a few hundred people physical force isn’t even needed. The community bonds and dependency are so strong and important that violating the rules of your tribe is very rare. Only in intertribal conflict is force a necessary component in conflicts. Crime in societies where individuals and small groups can be anonymous and autonomous is much much higher. The victims have much less power in the “negotiations”.

Many people apparently do not understand, are unaware, or are unconvinced of this fact. It’s easy to hypothesis why they don’t. Humans and proto-humans spent millions of years in small tribes and only a few thousand years in the much larger groups and only a few hundred years in cities with more than a few hundred thousand people. Many of the people advocating individuals give up their arms are feeling the impulses of very primitive urges that evolved millions of years ago. It feels like the right thing to do because the instincts were correct until the last few thousand years. The phrase “it takes a village” is appealing because of this instinct.

Things have changed. It’s time people realized it. This is Why the Gun is Civilization. It brings equilibrium to the negotiations.

Quote of the day—Sebastian

If the other side really wants to understand why they continuously lose, they have to understand this: their side can’t get mojo without buying off sympathetic people on the left to shill for their cause. I would not let NRA, or any other gun rights group I believed in, buy words from me. Every penny they spent on that would be money that isn’t going to keep lobbyists on my elected representatives like a pitbull on a poodle. If the gun control extremists want to understand why they can’t get any traction, they need to look no further than the fact that they even need to throw money at people to have a voice at all.

September 23, 2011
What is the Purpose of the Media Matters Tagline?
[It’s also worth noting that traction is difficult to come by when you are nothing but a hot air balloon.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Mike Jensen

I’m all for shared sacrifice.  But I think it should be shared sacrifice of those responsible for this mess in the first place.  So instead of punishing the super rich, who didn’t spend us into oblivion, let’s have shared sacrifice among those responsible for this mess.

I propose this:

  1. Collect the name of every member of Congress—Republican or Democrat—who ever voted for a federal budget that included a deficit.
  2. Determine which of these members are still living.
  3. Add the names of all living presidents.
  4. Increase THEIR taxes.

I propose that we tax all former members of Congress at a 50% flat tax rate.  Former presidents would be taxed at a flat 75% of annual income.  Finally, current members of Congress and the current president would be taxes at 100% of their annual income.  Any other Americans who would like to can volunteer to join either of these groups (time to walk the walk, Warren!).  These tax rates will stay in effect until the debt is erased and we have a balanced budget.

How about we stop coddling those who caused this problem in the first place?

Mike Jensen
August 30, 2011
[Yup. Those responsible should be the ones to pay the price for fixing the problem.

And if insufficient progress has been made by the time their term in office is over consideration could be given to auctioning off their body parts.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Harvey Ruvin

Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.

Harvey Ruvin
Vice Chairman, ICLEI.
The Wildlands Project
[I wish I could find the original document which contains this. I can find lots of references to it but without the actual document and context I’m hesitant to speculate nearly as much as others have.

In any case, it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.—Joe]