Quote of the day—John Robb

Looking for a safe asset class today, is like a Soviet bureaucrat in 1989, sensing trouble ahead, looking for the directorate with the safest job.

John Robb
August 30, 2011
JOURNAL: Where Should I Put My Money Before Things Collapse?
[I think there is some truth in the statement above but there are some flaws in the rest of the post. He seems to believe the problems are with capitalism rather than government interference in the free market.

What do I think are safe “asset classes”? The essentials of life: water, food, shelter, communication, health care, security, and the means to produce them. Which isn’t all that far off from what Robb advocates.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Robb

  1. You know, the only time we have a “failure of the free market” is after the heavy, arrogant, meddling thumb of statist interference mashes down on the free market, sending its mechanism all to hell.
    Statists never seem to recognize that.

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