Quote of the day—The Cruel Meatball of War

Note that there is no one that is trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. The left is only attempting to prevent guns falling into the hands of violent criminals and the mentally ill.

For some reason, Conservatives insist on the right of criminals and the mentally ill to have guns. I could not figure this out until it occurred to me that if the mentally ill cannot have guns, then the Conservatives could not have guns. Then I understood why they were so angry about that protection for the American people…

The Cruel Meatball of War
August 20, 2011
Answer to the question, “Guns, do we need more gun control or less?”
[The first paragraph is a lie. The Brady Campaign says the same thing (look in the FAQ under “Is Brady a “gun ban” organization?”), then in the next breath talks about the bans they approve of. That doesn’t even look at some of the more extreme organizations like the VPC who says, “handguns should be banned” and “A clear-cut plan to ban handguns should be developed and implemented soon.”

The second paragraph is the type of rhetoric used by the left throughout history before sending their opponents to mental hospitals, reeducation camps, gulags, and mass graves.

It’s no wonder he/she doesn’t use their real name.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Cruel Meatball of War

  1. Ironically, in some sense that last bit is true, although not in the way they intended. The implication is meant to be, of course, that conservatives are insane. But if you ban “the insane” from having guns, first of all you are turning the right into a privilege, and second of all, depending on who sets the criteria for “insane” that can indeed mean that effectively no one can have them.
    Why do you want a gun?–To defend myself.–No one is coming after you, so you are paranoid and you can’t have one.
    See what I did there? That’s pretty much what all of the antis have in the backs of their minds as they say these sorts of things.

  2. When the man starts saying that “conservatives want criminals to have guns” you know he’s a liar (or so deeply delusional and misinformed as to make him equivalent to one in terms of the value of conversing with him”).

    Every time I check, the evil NRA is still in favor of prohibiting the possession of firearms by felons.

    So’s damn near every “conservative” I ever hear talk about the issue at all – indeed, many “conservatives” want to ban more gun possession than I’m comfortable with.

  3. My position is that if you are an adult who is not currently in jail or a mental institution, the RKBA applies. But yes, I recognize that puts me in a very distinct minority even among gun people.

  4. The truth of course is that anyone willing to break the law, and who wants a gun, will have one, regardless. The bad guys will always be armed, no matter the law. So we’re only talking about whether the good guys will or will not also be armed. The Founders of course understood this perfectly, and said as much, which is of course why they’re being vilified.

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