Two words for Dennis Henigan

Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign soiled his pants when presidential hopeful Rick Perry hinted he might be carrying a handgun while on the campaign trail.

I have just two words for Henigan: Eleanor Roosevelt.

Okay, I have some more words for Henigan. Dennis, if you are going to try running with the big dogs you really should get yourself some diapers.

H/T to The Volokh Conspiracy for the link to the picture.


3 thoughts on “Two words for Dennis Henigan

  1. Having read the links in your post, I can only say that Henigan should grow up and be a man; in his present emotional state he should be embarassed that others consider him an American. I think he is the first person for whom being considered an American is an example of stolen valor.

    As for Eleanor Roosevelt, I can only conclude from the articles that Hillary Clinton and Rosie O’Donnel hate her and everything she worked for, given that they promote laws and conditions that if they had been in effect at those times written about, Mrs. Roosevelt would have been in even greater danger than she was, and possibly the first First Lady to be assassinated (maybe not very likely, but still a possibility).

  2. Wasn’t there a story about how Hillary Clinton was channeling or otherwise conducted seances to communicate with Eleanor Roosevelt? This should be proof of the lack of connection, as I’m sure HRC would have gotten an earful from the Civil Rights First Lady who believed in the value of firearms for self-defense.

  3. This must be one of the reasons why Michelle Obama called for changing our history– there are far too many embarrassing facts.

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