Quote of the day—Dallas Morning News

Finding someone to stand up and take responsibility for the feds’ ill-advised gun-walk-to-Mexico program has been anything but fast. Only the denying, obfuscating and bus-throwing-under has been furious.

Dallas Morning News
August 19, 2011
Editorial: Details only get worse from ATF’s Fast and Furious fiasco
[That seems to capture the situation so far pretty well.

H/T to NRA-ILA.—Joe]


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  1. Don’t expect the Obama Justice Department to do anything meaningful on this. For one thing, there is evidence to suggest that it probably came directly from him, or one of his appointments, in the first place. Then there’s the fact that they’ve already had plenty of time to shred documents as fast and furious as the Nazis did so when the Allies were just outside the Berlin city limits.

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