Jesus the Socialist

This has come up over and over, but then the leftist playbook is only about four pages, and those are all double-spaced.  If you have to lobby for your B.S. for 150 years without pause, you end up being very repetitive.  When your repetitions are all lies, you also end up looking both stupid and insane, which of course makes a good enough definition of socialism right there.  This was my comment over there;

I never read the whole Bible, but I did see the movie. [back when I was a kid]
If Jesus ever lobbied the Roman government, calling for forced redistribution and centralized control, I haven’t heard of it.  Let’s demand that the socialists point us to that passage in the Bible.  He didn’t lobby the government employees to form public employees’ unions who would then take to the streets, calling for revolution if they didn’t get their way, did he?  Let’s see THAT part in the Bible.  (if Jesus did that, he must have been a dumb jerk anyway, and I wouldn’t listen to him)

If we were put here with free will, then forcing “charity” takes away that free will along with the distinction between those who give willingly and those who “give” only under threats from the government.

The socialists know all this of course, so let’s not make the mistake of taking their gibberish seriously– they’re just making up lies to sow doubt among the less attentive of Christians.  The only time we should ever take socialists at their word is when they’re making their threats.  They have a long history of carrying out the most outrageous of threats.  In that case we must be very serious in our resolve to defeat them.  Otherwise, socialism is nothing but a sick joke.

When Jesus shows up in person, dressed in a black ninja outfit with his own team of storm troopers to take my property, I’ll believe he was a socialist.  Until then; Girls, you be trippin’.  I’ll go with Douglas Adams’ definition of Jesus; “A man who got nailed to a tree for suggesting we be nice to people.”  I suppose today he’d be labeled a “terrorist” and the Brits would shut down his Twitter and FaceBook accounts.


8 thoughts on “Jesus the Socialist

  1. I think most people who look for biblical support for socialism tend to focus on the gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles for supporting their position. It is pretty hard to see any support for Jesus using force against others “for their own good” though, which seems to be the premise of socialism.

  2. The underlying tenet of the left is that anything worth doing is worth forcing others to do.

    Did Jesus advocate that we care for the poor and needy? Absolutely! Did He advocate that we force people to do so? Absolutely not! To the contrary, He said that anyone who gives a gift unwillingly is counted as if they had given no gift. A recurring theme I see in scripture is that we need to do good of our own free will. The problem with socialists of all stripes is that they try to force morality on the people, which robs the people of the opportunity to do good freely.

  3. Interestingly, in LDS theology, two plans were presented for Earthly life. Satan’s plan would have forced us to do good, depriving us of our freedom to choose for ourselves. Christ’s plan gave us the freedom to choose for ourselves, with a Savior to make up for our faults.

    In this view (and I don’t think many LDS people realize this), when socialists fight for their cause, they are literally advocating for Satan’s cause.

  4. staghounds; “Because if you want a Government that can do everything, it will put your asses to work.” Well there you go– jobs programs. Some people actually go for that tripe.

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