Quote of the day—Rick Perry

We don’t see the role of government as guaranteeing outcomes, but allowing free men and women to flourish based on their own vision, their hard work and their personal responsibility.

Rick Perry
Texas Governor
August 13, 2011
Texas Gov. Perry jumps into 2012 Republican race
[Those are the right words to get my vote. But I have a feeling those same words absolutely inflame some people. The same sentence that included the quote above completed with, “said Perry, who has never held a private sector job…”

How does what Perry said relate to a “private sector job”? It appears to me the reporter was just looking for some way to draw some blood from Perry. And, of course, like most people on the left the truth is of little importance if a falsehood serves their purpose better. It appears Perry was in the cotton farming business from 1977 until 1984.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rick Perry

  1. While Mr. Perry talks a good talk, I suspect that he is merely a Republican Obama. Mr. Perry’s record does not give me very much hope that he is the bastion of conservatism that he claims to be.

  2. Perry grew up on a working ranch, worked summers through college, served four years in the air force as a pilot obtaining the rank of captain, then went into the cotton farming business with his father until the mid-1980s when he got into politics…

    As a country boy, all I can say is… Gee, what a lazy bum…

    Dann in Ohio

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