We’re winning in Illinois

There are now law enforcement openly supporting concealed carry in Illinois:

The Illinois Legislature may still be divided on allowing residents to carry concealed weapons, but Fox Valley police chiefs and sheriffs are much less split.

Of the dozen area law enforcement leaders contacted by The Courier-News, none said they opposed concealed carry.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association long has been in favor of concealed carry. Last year, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police went from “against” concealed carry to “neutral” — a significant change after years of opposition.

It will be a race between SAF/Gura and the Illinois legislature to see who brings home the prize. One thing is certain, the anti-gun people will soon be contemplating the whiskey and sleeping pills or maybe Tequila. Others will probably want to maintain a suicide watch but I think it will be best if we just keep advancing as fast as we can.

In a few months we can be advocating for the abolishment of NFA weapons as a cost saving measure. By then the ATF will be hurting so bad that they will agree to almost anything as long as they aren’t completely abolished.


1 thought on “We’re winning in Illinois

  1. I don’t want NFA weapons abolished. I want the NFA abolished, along with the CGA. At that point, the BATFE becomes the BAT.

    Then we’ll work on getting the government’s nose out of the tobacco and alcohol businesses. That would have some short term problems associated with it though, as former BAT employees would be forced into other criminal enterprises.

    Anyway; I think you meant “NFA weapons registry” in which case of course I agree with it as a step in the right direction.

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