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Joe Huffman, somebody to take on the “E” in “BATFE.”

July 27, 2011
Comment to Time for a St. Louis Revolt?
[This is in regard to, somewhat tongue in check, nominations for the NRA board of directors. While I haven’t really brought it up before I think it should be fairly obvious that explosives should be covered in “the right to keep and bear arms”. It just not quite the right time politically to bring that up. Although if there were a serious move to abolish the ATF I have a story or two that would fuel that fire.—Joe]


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  1. Thanks for the link, Joe. While the “nominations” are somewhat tongue in cheek, the idea is sincere. I wonder if the NRA is fully on board with the new normal in gun rights. I keep seeing them get in Alan Gura’s way rather than backing him up.

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