Ok, That Is Pretty Cool

I’ve come to shrug my shoulders at the various “flying car” ideas out there.  Most of them have never flown, and probably never will, despite having the flight specs listed on the their web sites.  There are of course helicopters and auto gyros, but I don’t know of any highway rated ones.

This one is already in the air and the road, and seemingly ready to go.

I want the option of putting floats on mine, and skis, plus four wheel drive, and it needs to able to carry four people, the dog, and a week’s worth of camping supplies for the family, my tools, several rifles and a couple thousand rounds of ammo.  I’ll have to wait for the “F150 4 x 4” version, and then get it used, ’cause I can’t afford a quarter mil.  You early adopters will no doubt be a great help.


2 thoughts on “Ok, That Is Pretty Cool

  1. Sounds like what you want is a Pilatus Turbo Porter. Build a revetment for it down on the flat by the road at the Boomershoot grounds, and it will easily take off and land (avoiding the power lines) in front of the 385-yard berm.

  2. STOL is nice, but it won’t fit in my garage (I can’t even get it near my house) and I can’t take it to the shopping mall (though we do have a landing strip right outside my office here at work). OK so maybe it’s an infrastructure problem. The system of cities, streets, highways, suburbs and the rest is all based on wheeled vehicles. This has been deeply rooted for many generations. Like since the Romans, or the ancient Egyptians.

    Notice also that we’re talking about this great STOL utility aircraft, with its great capabilities, which was built around 1961. That makes me sad. It’s well past ancient Roman technology, but damn it, we’re better than this. It’s well past time to be rid of the DOT and the FAA, for starters.

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