End of the road for the Bradys

I was looking at one of the photo albums at the Brady Campaign Facebook page and found this:


Notice (click to get a larger version if needed) that in the bottom right corner the ad displayed is for the Houston Gun Forum.

When Sarah and Jim Brady look like this and they have gun forums advertising on their pictures you have to know the end of their road is near. It is time to slap a “do not resuscitate” sign on their door and put their organization in hospice care.


12 thoughts on “End of the road for the Bradys

  1. @LC Scott, You are probably correct. I didn’t think of that. But the Brady Campaign reads my RSS feed and they don’t need to know that. 🙂

  2. You know, Joan Peterson once told me that Mr. Brady was killed by a gun. Either she’s wrong, that’s a body double, or he’s a zombie now.

  3. Still I wonder what the antis get for banner ads, I wonder if they can even afford to get anything sympathetic to their miserable cause into the mix.

    Nor do I think there are enough anti-gun websites out there to mark a person a “anti-gun” in demographics….

  4. I always wonder where is their Calguns forum? Where is their ARFcom forum? If their side of the issue is as well supported as they claim then there should be ARFcom/THR sized forums all over the damn place populated with lots of people working to achieve their ends.

  5. @LC Scotty, I once tried to find and sign up for all the anti-gun email lists and forums I could find. There were very, very few of them, they had almost zero members, and there was almost completely zero traffic. It was actually rather disappointing to me (ask me for details face to face sometime).

  6. I forget the name of the forum, but there was one a while back that was disigned for pro and anti gun people to get together and debate.

    It was about 3 anti-gun people and over 100 pro-gun people. I sent an email to a British artist I knew to ask if he wanted to help bolster the anti-gun side.

    I got an angry email in return.

    Its the same reason why anti-gun blogs moderate their comments. They ALWAYS want to appear to have the upper hand while they are getting DESTROYED in the debate.

  7. Joe and all; beware of the desperate statist. Like a cornered, wounded predator, this is when they get really dangerous. Project Fast and Furious is just the tip of the iceberg– a mere peep-hole into the dark soul of the statist.

  8. Give the man a break. You wouldn’t look so great either, if you’d been shot in the head. Leave the ad hominem to the antis. This isn’t about him anyway.

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