I thought he already was sidelined

Brady Campaign President, for another two days, Paul Helmke says:

Despite many successes, our work is not done. I will take some time off after helping Brady make the transition to new leadership, but I will never be on the sidelines.

As near as I can tell he has been on the sidelines for quite some time now and his only success was keeping his $250K/year job until his contract ran out. His organization is the equivalent of a 30 year-old lame nag watching the races from the pasture. They were unable to get a single Federal law passed without the support of the NRA during Helmke’s tenure. During that same time we had the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions go our way in direct opposition to the Brady briefs and now only one state does not allow some sort of concealed carry. Helmke and company have fought concealed carry for decades and now the fate of that battle has been completely sealed. All we have left to do is clean up all the horse manure the likes of Helmke has left for gun owners to step in.

So what will Helmke do now? On the gun control front the only direction he can go is down and out. After riding the Brady Campaign into the ground I can’t imagine MAIG being interested in him. The VPC and CSGV don’t have the money and are so far on the sidelines that they need a deep space telescope to see the action.

I think the only thing Helmke is good for now is to be shipped off to the glue factory.


1 thought on “I thought he already was sidelined

  1. Personally, I think the Brady organization is out of step with the times. They seem archaic because they dwell on guns and don’t take on surrounding issues.

    Around here, Ceasefire generates more “warm bodies” that show up for events. Ceasefire is about violence in general, not just gun violence.

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