A coercively funded, government controlled education monopoly verses liberty.

I’ll put it another way.  Let’s suppose we put that on a national ballot.  You have two selections.  You may vote for the coercively funded, government controlled education monopoly on one hand, or liberty on the other.  Either/or.  That’s your choice.

But wait; do you or anyone else, no matter your numbers, have the right to vote against liberty?  Why?


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  1. That depends. I believe you can vote to enslave yourself, provided you are a mentally capable adult. But you have no right to vote to enslave others.

  2. @ Publius; In a free society, I think we have a term for that– entering into a contractual agreement.

  3. The trouble with democracy is, whether or not they have the right to, people consistently vote to trade their liberty for healthcare, welfare, education or magic beans.

  4. No. You do not. Because — and this is my gripe with arguments for the (scorn quotes) “Greater Good” — YOU don’t get to waive MY rights. Period. End of discussion.

    And — they’ll try to deny me standing if I take it to court, but — when YOU vote against liberty, that’s exactly what you are doing — harm to those who do not welcome your waiving of their rights.


  5. “do you or anyone else, no matter your numbers, have the right to vote against liberty? Why?”

    No. We live in a Constitutional Republic (with democratically elected representatives) specifically designed to prevent and prohibit it – as opposed to a Pure Democracy that provides no such protections…

    Of course, that’s why the leftists in control of education continually teach that America is a ‘democracy’. Eventually, there will be no one left who recognizes the difference. It’s been a long time in the works, the 17th Amendment was a HUGE step in the wrong direction…

  6. I don’t care what it is called, once people figure out they can get by with voting so as to transfer money from “other people” into their own pockets, it’s over. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe having elected representatives can postpone that inevitable day, but that’s the best we can ever hope for. Maybe we should elect representatives who elect representatives for us? 😛

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