I wish I could shoot like a girl

On rifle she is a force to be reckoned with but Roxanna usually ends up in the middle of the pack at our USPSA pistol matches. Things were different on one stage today. She doesn’t appear to shoot it particularly fast but everyone else “had problems”. She didn’t have any misses and beat us all.

I tweeted about it here.

She asked for the video so here it is with Adam as the Range Officer:


3 thoughts on “I wish I could shoot like a girl

  1. We can see what Aesop was talking about when he told a tale of Tortoises and Hairs.

    She doesn’t look all that fast, and I’m sure you had people who went for their gun faster and sprinted to the other box.

    What you also notice is she was silky smooth. Nothing herky-jerky, no wasted shots, and no hiccups.

    Well played.

  2. She didn’t “look” fast, but the two little poppers we saw fell in rapid succession. Nice one, Roxanne.

    Oh great; now I have that Sting/Police tune playing in my head.

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