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I think it’s time to take guns out of the hands of the government. They have proved to be far too irresponsible too and should not be allowed to handle them. Time to return guns to the people, who are more responsible and know better how to use them.

June 30, 2011
Comment to Dems to spin Fast & Furious probe into gun-control rally
[Certainly there is sufficient evidence to support this assertion. But I don’t think we need to go that far just yet.

[sarcasm]We just need some common sense gun regulations for them. Any government employee that is allowed to possess a firearm while on the job should be licensed with strict training requirements. All government guns should be registered. All ammunition use should be documented. All of these records must be put online and be publically available.[/sarcasm]

I’m currently listening to the Audible.com version of Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (not recommended if graphic violence bothers you, some of it brought tears). The millions murdered by the police (with some help by the military) with guns is more than sufficient reason to be nearly serious about making a police officer with a gun a “shoot on sight” offense.—Joe]


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  1. Most government employees who are issued a weapon couldn’t pass basic firearms safety, much less a qualification range, unless someone was making holes in their targets for them.

    Bloodlands was one of the hardest books to read I’ve ever had, but it was definitely worth it. It puts the scale of the attrocities on both sides into perspective.

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