Quote of the day—Giovanni Bisignani

Today’s checkpoint was designed four decades ago to stop hijackers carrying metal weapons. We need a process that responds to today’s threat. It must amalgamate intelligence based on passenger information and new technology. That means moving from a system that looks for bad objects, to one that can find bad people.

Giovanni Bisignani
June 15, 2011
The future of airport security?
[Today daughter Xenia and her army husband went through TSA on their way to Alaska. One of his checked “bags” (a large plastic “tote”) had the locks broken so TSA could search the contents. He was also singled out for special attention. He opted for the “feel me up” search rather than the “naked body scan”.

The U.S. government trusts him to fight terrorists in the sandbox using some very expensive equipment and with the lives of the men under him and around him but they have to feel him up before he can fly on a commercial flight with his wife and her cat?

I think I know where to find the “bad people”.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Giovanni Bisignani

  1. During my college (NROTC) and military years, I flew a lot, both to visit my parents and to go see Better Half, and the one consistent thread throughout was that if I used my military ID for identification purposes, I was going to be singled out for “additional” screening. Period. Using my driver’s license only resulted in about a 25% chance.

    The going hypothesis is that we were “known” quantities, the TSA weenies could get a check-in-the-box, and we would never actually be carrying anything dangerous, so it would be easy…

  2. And to think; we have G.W. Bush to thank for the DHS, the TSA and for TARP One, among other things. He set all those up, so Obama could waltz right in and have his way with them.

    That’s why I’ve been saying we need to defeat the Republican Party before we can defeat the Communist Revolutionary (formerly Democtrat) Party. The Republicans stand in our way.

  3. Time was when military personnel were given better treatment than regular customers.

  4. Beating a dead horse here, but it has NOTHING to do wth “security” and everything to do with control. The thievesstandingaround were probably hoping for a score from his tote.
    Oh, and just wait until the aflcio takes over the agency.(They were recently “awarded” the “right” to organize the tsa.) Just another payoff from the nitwh and his commies friends.

  5. ‘The going hypothesis is that we were “known” quantities, the TSA weenies could get a check-in-the-box, and we would never actually be carrying anything dangerous, so it would be easy…’

    This. The TSA weenie has no incentive to take on the hard cases, and every incentive to avoid them in favor of the compliant sheep. Given the alternative of singling out the young brown Mohammed with attitude — who might accuse the agent of racism, and thus sentence him at a minimum to mandatory “diversity” re-education camp, if not threaten his job altogether — or the 95-year-old granny who’ll suck it up for the good of America because there’s a war on, the choice is obvious. Hassle Granny.

  6. So someone else has to to the realization that the Israeli method (or something that walks and quacks like it, at any rate) actually works. Amazin’, ab-so-lutely amazin’.

    My reaction to the whole Too Stupid for Arby’s thing is to not fly if I have any possible way to manage it. It’s worked well for quite some time now, and by driving, I’ve seen places that before I would have flown over, happily ignorant of. Not for everyone, of course, but it works for me.

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