Something for anti-gunners to think about

There are over 330,000 Washington state residents with concealed handgun licenses. The state population is about 6.7 million. That means that almost 1 in every 20 people have a concealed handgun license.

As Dave Workman points out Washington Ceasefire only has about 7,000 members. For every Washington Ceasefire member there are nearly 50 people with a conceal handgun license.

It’s no wonder we are winning.


7 thoughts on “Something for anti-gunners to think about

  1. Wow!

    Those numbers are a serious “bitch-slap” to the irrelevant anti-rights gun-control crowd.

    Since there is no “blood in the streets” remind me why Washington Ceasefire even exists?

  2. “…remind me why Washington Ceasefire even exists?[sic]”

    It exists to be a thorn in the side of American liberty. If all it can ever accomplish is being a thorn in your side, then that’s justification enough, and a source of pride all in itself.

    You may just as well ask why bullies exist. The answers (the pathologies) are about the same.

    When I read the post, my first thought was, “Only 330,000? Come on, Washington – let’s step it up a bit.”

  3. Ubu, if he’d kept a cool head and let what was likely foolish traffic road rage pass, he’d likely have been alright. Since all of the facts aren’t there I can only give likelyhoods and what ifs.

    Also, judging all on the basis of one is bs.

    Joe, thanks for those numbers, that make me smile.

  4. Ted; I think she was confused by the meaning of the word “we”. She didn’t understand that Joe meant “We who advocate liberty, with emphasis on the 2nd amendment being as it’s been under attack”. She might just as well have pointed to some poor choice made by a black person, making a case against all blacks for the sake of denying them their rights. That would have been equally bigoted, yet she feels perfectly comfortable doing it, thinking she has herself a zinger of a point– a real knee-slapper.

    ubu; I recently heard it said that courage is something that comes from the individual– that standing in the middle of a mob, going along with the mob, isn’t anything at all like courage. I wonder how you might react when you find out that the mob from which you draw your comfort is nothing more than a few nasty weaklings, using you for their own nasty ends.

  5. Hey Lyle!

    You are the mob here. I’m the one going against the mob. So how do you feel “going along with the mob”? I’m far more courageous than you are because I am posting among enemies, not friends.

    By the way, I’m not aligned with any group. I just post because I like to. I like to keep up on politics too but I haven’t found a political board that I would like to post on — but I keep looking. (I tend to like intellectual but lighthearted political boards and I haven’t found one since the NYT shut down their forums.)

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