Quote of the day—Dennis R. King

Dad Passed Away This Morning at 10 AM.

The Hospice nurse, Kim (whom he really liked) was with him. No pain, he was awake but just relaxed and passed on.

Dennis R. King
June 20, 2011
Via email regarding the death of his father, Louis Ray King, my only true uncle, my mother’s brother.
[When I was in California last week I had hoped to visit Uncle Lou because I knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer. But he wouldn’t have recognized me and it was too far away to make it over there between my business and my flight schedule. I spent the two hours I had with Dennis.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dennis R. King

  1. My condolences on the loss of your uncle. May he R.I.P.


  2. My Condolences as well.

    Still To have lived, and to be missed in death, and to die comfortably…can any of us hope to do any better?

  3. He went peaceably and without pain. You can’t go any better than that. You know that it is coming but it still hurts when it happens.

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