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I often wonder how the Brady Campaign and other anti-gun organizations can be so ignorant about guns.

Then I find myself thankful that they are because it makes their arguments so much easier to refute.

June 17, 2011
[Well… most of the time they don’t really have an argument. They just demand that “something be done”. But their ignorance of the subject matter does make the task of slapping them down easier. I think their ignorance is willful. They literally don’t think it matters. They just “know”. They believe things and claim their opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s. This is not true but many of them are lacking the ability to determine truth from falsity so they don’t really understand when we attempt to correct their process errors. Furthermore they don’t care that they don’t know how to determine truth from falsity. This results in us having to live on the same planet but in essentially different universes.—Joe]


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  1. Joe, it occurs to me that the mental defect you call Peterson Syndrome is the same mental defect which results in people believing in progressivism in some form or another.

    For people not suffering from the syndrome, progressivism not only defies logic, the 20th century serves as a comprehensive demonstration of it’s failure. For progressives, the progressive governments are a resounding success and the solution to any remaining problems is simply “do it again but harder”.

    The parallels with gun control seem obvious to me. What troubles me is the number of people suffering from this “process failure”.

  2. I don’t believe it is ignorance or an inability to determine “truth from falsity.” I believe they feel if they just save one innocent life, everything is worth it.

    The pro-gun people are so good at saying “only” 138 children were killed by guns while 10,000 died of drowning and 20,000 died in car accidents. Is that really the point? Does it matter how they died? Why not try to save 10,000 from drowning, 20,000 from car accidents AND 138 from gunshots? (I made up those numbers so I know they aren’t accurate.) These are all senseless deaths and it would be wonderful if they could be prevented.

    When you think about it, the anti-gun and anti-abortion protestors aren’t far apart in what they want. They want to save innocent lives. No one ever says anti-abortion people can’t tell “truth from falsity” or that they suffer from ignorance.

    “They believe things and claim their opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s.”

    Considering the definition of the word “opinion”: “1. A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge,” they would be correct. Their opinions are just as valid as yours.

  3. @ubu52, What you are saying is that two or more people are capable of expressing opinions. That is different from what I am saying.

    Two (or more) people can express opposing statements that are, by definition, are opinions. But that does not mean both, or either, of the expressions are correct/valid. If I was of the opinion the earth were flat and you were of the opinion the earth were shaped like an egg then one opinion would be closer to correct than the other. They would not be equally valid. Yet there are people that insist “every person’s opinion should be respected”.

    As I have said before, “To respect all opinions is to have no respect for the truth.” I am still of that belief.

  4. @ubu52,

    I absolutely believe that most gun control advocates want to save lives and reduce violence. Having a few progressives in my immediate family, you don’t have to convince me that your intentions are good.

    Even if we neglect the issues of rights, freedom and the constitution, the problem still comes down to whether the proposed solution (gun control initiatives) solves the problem (violence and death). Study after study has proven that gun control, at best, has no discernable impact on violence and at worst actually increases it by making the law abiding helpless. In the news we see the dozens that are gunned down by criminals, but not the hundreds that were never attacked in the first place because they brandished a firearm.

    Yes, we want to save the 138 children killed by guns, but not at the expense of 276 children stabbed to death by emboldened criminals.

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