More Boomershoot improvements

I started work on a new Boomershoot building site today:


This will be for manufacturing of the targets. In years past we have built the targets on the tailgate of my pickup, folding tables in the middle of an open field, and under a folding canopy.

We have sometimes made a few targets in the Taj Mahal but it just isn’t big enough for large scale production. This year we made a firm decision to move the manufacturing location to a location further from the storage location and improve the working conditions. We plan to put in a shipping container with lights, tables, and ventilation.

Daughter Kim “had” to be back in Moscow by 2:00 PM for the Zombie Carnival (I was sort of interested in going until Kim said head shots from 300 yards away would be frowned upon) so I didn’t get the dozer work completed. We will go back out tomorrow to finish up.


3 thoughts on “More Boomershoot improvements

  1. Better working conditions? Don’t tell me that the B.W.A. (Boomerite Workers of America) union has been on your case! BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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