Project ‘Fast And Furious Gun Restrictions’

The more I see on this scandal with the BATFE, the more it stinks.  Here are several issues I have, in no particular order.  To me they’re obvious quirks in the story that aren’t being discussed.  If someone knows of these being brought up and addressed, please do share;

The Old Media are actually covering this to some extent.  They don’t cover anything unless it in some way promotes the leftist cause.  They’re actually being critical of the BATFE, but wait.  The “problem” is being spun as one of too few restrictions.  BATFE is bad, not because they’re idiots or self-serving thugs looking for more funding, or outright criminals or tyrants, but because they didn’t stop gun purchases.  Keep an eye on this.

Very large purchases of guns were supposedly “allowed” to take place.  We’re being asked to believe that Mexican criminals purchased up to dozens of guns at a time, on several occasions.  First; if these were real straw purchases wherein there was a genuine worry about secrecy, they’d take place in dibs and dabs, so as not to attract attention.  Second; why would powerful Mexican cartels with international influence be interested in paying hundreds of dollars more, per gun, in the U.S. compared to getting them at global street prices?  Even the cartels would know about our background check system at gun stores, yet these purchases supposedly took place at gun dealerships, where they would know that such large purchases would attract immediate attention.  But they did it anyway?  Too many stinky points.  I say the purchases were engineered, either by, or in close cooperation with, BATFE, and not simply “allowed”, as we’re being asked to believe.

We’re told that hundreds of these guns were found at crime scenes (I think I heard the number 800 dropped the other night).  What?  Really?  Hundreds?  That’s an awful lot of clumsy, absent-minded, criminals, isn’t it?  Leaving their guns, so painstakingly straw-purchased at inflated prices at U.S. retail dealerships, behind at crime scenes to be found in very short order by our super heroes?  Stinky, stinky, stinky.

A big government operation, not to shut down Mexican cartels, not to investigate corruption in Mexico that’s threatening people in the U.S., not to revisit the effects of our War On Drugs, but instead to draw attention to how our evil gun rights in the U.S. lead to death and destruction in other countries.

These issues aren’t being brought up in the press or by the Congressional “investigations”.  Nope.  Instead it’s all about; “You bastards! Why didn’t you guys stop gun sales?”  All this after Obama promised anti gun rights groups he’d be doing something for them “…under the radar“.

I think the indignation we’re hearing from the press and from Congress is all feigned.  Good Cop, Bad Cop.

My younger brother and I put together a list of socialist tenets many years ago.  It’s been lost to computer upgrades and internet evolution, but one of those tenets was; “When restrictions on freedom produce disastrous results, freedom is to blame and the solution is more restrictions.”  Look for it in this case.  It’ll happen, I guarantee.  It’s in the DNA of it.


6 thoughts on “Project ‘Fast And Furious Gun Restrictions’

  1. I’d be very surprised if anything good (ATF disbanded, etc) came out of this. My bet is some supervisors and agents will be shuffled around and then it will be business as usual.

  2. I’m a bit doubtful about your theory, Lyle. As the saying goes, three men can keep a secret if two are dead. And in this case, they couldn’t keep a secret.

    Actually, that’s one of the things that makes me think this scandal is for real–it wasn’t too good to be true.

  3. I think that I read that they recovered almost 800 guns in one raid by the Federal Narcs, and two guns at Brian Terry’s murder scene.

    Out of 2500, that leaves 1700 or so down in Mexico still, including the fifty cal Barett that forced down a Helicopter.

    It still stinks, but maybe not so much for the reason you think it does.

  4. “We’re told that hundreds of these guns were found at crime scenes (I think I heard the number 800 dropped the other night). What? Really? Hundreds? “

    ‘Found at crime scenes’ includes just found at a raid site. So if a house was raided, and a cache of weapons found, that would be included.

  5. “I say the purchases were engineered, either by, or in close cooperation with, BATFE, and not simply “allowed”, as we’re being asked to believe.”

    That seems to be the case, if I’ve read Codrea and Vanderboegh’s analyses correctly.

  6. When did “Gunwalker” start? And when did President Obama say that things would be happening “below the radar”? This thing goes pretty high, I think.

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