Quote of the day—Candice Hoeppner

The long-gun registry is a massive Liberal policy failure and it needs to end. It makes no sense to force law-abiding individuals with firearms’ licences to register their long guns. It makes no sense to believe the registry will prevent a gun crime taking place.

Candice Hoeppner
Conservative MP
June 10, 2011
Gun registry Time to scrap it
[The problem is that liberals don’t judge their policies by the facts. They judge them by their intentions. It is as if intentions are all that matter. The “war on poverty” intended to improve the lives of the of the least “fortunate” in society but created many more “poverty stricken” people than it “lifted up”. Gun control was intended to prevent and/or fight violent crime but it enables more violent criminals to work in victim disarmament zones.

Because of their insistent on only considering intent and not results they report numbers that only reflect their views. One of the most blatant is their reporting of the “success” of the Brady Act requiring background checks. They report the total number of people prevented from purchasing a firearm. They do not report the number of people denied a firearm who should have been allowed. They do not report that violent crime rates did not improve as a result of the background checks.

As I have said before, they are either unwilling or unable to distinguish between their hypothesis and their conclusions. If Canada is able to undo the much hated long gun registry via the political process it will be something of a miracle. Outside of the U.S. it is extremely rare for repressive gun laws to be repealed without violence.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Candice Hoeppner

  1. Of course, California is flirting with legislation for a long gun registration the last time I checked. I called the Public Safety committee and told them all about the inefficacy and expense in a state so far in debt it is pathetic.

    So, if it passes, I will “misplace” my shotgun. Right next to Jimmy Hoffa. Good luck finding it.
    Confiscation follows registration and it has happened in California before so to hell with them!

  2. Canada had almost done away with the long arm registry while the Conservatives were a minority, there was a change of heart at the end, 2 votes that would not allow it to be abolished. Now the Conservatives have a majority (167 seats), the Liberals whole party is in the crapper (only 34 seats) and the NDP (102 seats) or Bloc Quebequios (4 seats) can’t muster enough votes against it (167 VS 140), or don’t care enough to vote against it… maybe this year the registry will be abolished.

  3. “They judge them by their intentions. It is as if intentions are all that matter.”

    Since actions speak louder than words, and since we’ve witnessed decades of their actions, the only conclusion that makes sense to me is; their intent never had anything to do with crime or public safety, and everything to do with control.

    You give them far too much credit by calling them stupid or foolish. You’re granting criminals the insanity defense. Certainly there is a difference between the perpetrators and the duped, and no doubt there are both on the left, but the leadership doesn’t get the “I was too stupid to know any better” defense from me. Guilty! As for the duped, I’d be willing to entertain their defenses only in the sentencing phase unless they can prove their mental incompetence by way of a professional medical evaluation. There may be some room for a psychological abuse (by the media) defense as well, but that would take some serious effort on the part of their defense teams.

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