Plaxico teaming with the Brady Campaign

Isn’t extraordinarily odd that Plaxico would team up with the Brady Campaign? There are two basic reasons I have to conclude this:

  1. If he had a class in basic gun safety while in grade school like I did (I think it was in the 5th grade) he would have known to have used a holster. The Brady Campaign would (and do with the Eddy Eagle program) scream bloody murder if schools were to teach gun safety of any type.
  2. He went to prison after violating repressive (and probably unconstitutional) laws against carrying a firearm in public. Had these laws not been in existence he might not have gone to jail (there might still be legitimate laws against reckless endangerment or discharging a firearm inside the city limits, etc.). The Brady Campaign supports these laws.

I find this very much like a person of color married to a Caucasian getting a divorce and supporting a white separatist group after getting beat up by members of the KKK for their choice of marriage partners.

Could he have “made a deal with the devil” to get paroled early?


4 thoughts on “Plaxico teaming with the Brady Campaign

  1. I think you need to look a little closer at the WHY! Why was this rich celebrity carrying a loaded gun tucked into the waistband of some sweatpants in NYC?

    Was he carrying for personal protection? Seems unlikely especially since he ended up shooting himself. Most rich hoy-paloy in NYC and other oppressive urban “Progressive Utopias” tend to chat up the powers that be and secure an NYC Carry permit (impossible to get for average citizens, but sports stars, and movie stars, and stock giants, and even Martha Stewart’s daughter all manage to get one) or hire an armed entourage (like MMM spokeswoman Rosie O’Donnell).

    I suspect the gun went along with his gold chains and do-rag et al, as an accessory in “Thug Culture”. I read somewhere that Fifty Cent once performed on stage with an Airsoft gun in a Gucci Shoulder holster. How foolish is that? But a gun is not a tool but a status symbol.

    I think Plaxico knows that the Brady Camp is Pro-Thug, so he knows his friends when he sees them.

  2. “Could he have “made a deal with the devil” to get paroled early?”

    “…Plaxico knows that the Brady Camp is Pro-Thug, so he knows his friends when he sees them.”

    Very good, guys. Both are equally plausible. Maybe a combination of the two, as thugs and miscreants are naturally drawn together. They need each other, now probably more than ever, as the masks slowly come off the America haters and we approach the election season. The thugs and miscreants will have to band together like never before.

  3. Maybe he watched “Pulp Fiction” one too many times when Travolta and Jackson got all cleaned up at the dead storage house, and went to breakfast with automatics in the waist band of their sweets.

  4. So this lamebrain illegally carries a firearm in an unsafe and unsecure manner, endagers the lives of those around him, and manages to perforate one of his appendages… and the Brady Bunch has decided he would make an outstanding spokesperson.

    They always say you can tell a lot about a person/group by the friends they choose, but… damn, this is just dumb!

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